Time-Lapse by JB Heller blitz with giveaway

JB Heller
(Moments, #1)
Publication date: September 16th 2021
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

She is my biggest mistake and greatest regret…

I shouldnt have let her in.

But she got under my skin and branded herself on my soul.

She gave me her light, her passion, her fire.

And I took it knowing I was going to leave her, and never come back.

I never thought Id see her again.

But there she is, standing in front of me after five long years.

My biggest mistake and my only regret.

I thought leaving her was the hardest thing Id ever do.

But thats nothing compared to what itll take to win her back.

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The uncertainty in Elizas gaze made me feel like a fucking asshole. Id done that. Id dimmed the sparkle in her eyes that was there this morning as she sang into her hairbrush. I had to fix it, and I had to keep my distance. But I didnt know how to do both.

Id grinned and sent her a wink, and thanked God when her smile emerged. Her real smile. Seeing it lifted the weight that had settled on my shoulders the moment I realized I had to keep a distance between us.

I want her—theres no doubt about that in my mind. But I also know if I let myself get too much closer, it will only make it that much harder for me to leave.

If anyone had asked me a few weeks ago if anything could keep me here, Id have said hell no. But Im beginning to doubt that. And I cant. This has always been my plan, I cant deviate now. No matter how much she makes me want to.

Im walking down the embankment to my tree when something shoves into my back, making me stumble forward and almost lose my footing. I swing around, ready to give the person a piece of my mind, but I come face-to-face with a head of messy brown waves. My fingers instantly itch to push her hair away from her pretty face.

A coy smile lifts her lips. Oh my God, Im so sorry! I tripped over my own feet.”

I havent got a clue what shes doing, but I play along. Yeah, well, watch it next time,” I smirk.

Her eyes sparkle with mischief. Trust me, I wouldnt touch you by choice.”

My brows jump, and I close in on her. Oh, really?” I watch her chest rise and fall with her excited breaths. You should be so lucky.”

Eliza licks her lips quickly. Oh, honey, you actually think a girl like me would be lucky to have you? Thats cute.”

I narrow my eyes on her. Any girl would be lucky to get with me. If only you knew what I could do to you. To that prim-and-proper exterior you parade around with.” I step so close our chests are nearly touching. I drop my mouth and whisper in her ear, Id love to mess up that queen bee persona youve got going on, but you couldnt handle me, princess.”

Then I leave her standing there, glaring, panting, and looking so damn hot I want to drag her back to her car so I can fuck that look right off her face.

She is clearly turned on right now, and knowing that I got her so worked up with nothing but my words … I shake my head and blow out a big breath, Im in so much fucking trouble with this girl.

Author Bio:

JB Heller is an average Aussie housewife and Mumma in her early 30s. She lives on a mini farm with her family and a few cows, Eclectus parrots, cats, fish, dogs, and a butt load of chickens. It’s JB’s dream to one day add a llama to the mix and an alpaca or two. Oh and some mini goats.

She writes across several genres including Rom Com, Contemporary Romance, and Romantic Suspense. You can always expect a healthy dose of heat, intrigue, and wit in her stories.

Monday to Friday you can find JB glued to her laptop weaving words or cruising Pinterest for her next potential muse. Come the weekend, it’s family time. (And of course lots of reading and Netflix binges.)

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