Enchanted Kisses by Tara Gallina blitz with giveaway

Enchanted Kisses
Chelsea Bobulski
(Tara Gallina)
Publication date: September 2nd 2021
Genres: Magical Realism, New Adult

Whats a girl to do when death is the worst and best thing that can happen to her?

Lily cares for three things above all else: nature, her father, and her best friend, Caiden.

Caiden isnt the typical hot guy, but his eyes glow—sometimes literally—with a confidence and charm that make Lilys heart flutter wildly.

When she kisses him for the first time, he disappears into a swirl of gold and silver that leaves her questioning her sanity.

Three months later, Caiden reappears to explain what happened and who he really is, but Lily is too angry to hear it.

She needs time to figure out her feelings, time she doesnt have because shes being hunted by death—Death Sentries who know the truth about her lineage and want her for gifts she doesnt know she possesses. Those gifts in Deaths hands can shift the balance between life and death on Earth and cause mass destruction.

Now, Lily must protect herself against manipulative Sentries sent to capture her, decide if she can trust Caiden, and resist or give into the explosive attraction between them.

But when she learns the truth about Caiden and his original intent toward her, Lilys head and heart go to war. Before long, shes left to question if her life is worth protecting or if her father and the world are safer without her in it.

*For mature young adult readers and all ages above.

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Caiden yanked a light-blue sundress from a hanger. I always liked you in this one.” He threw it over his shoulder and then reached for the belt of my robe.

I stepped back, my hands flying up in protest. What are you doing?”

Suddenly shy?” His brows lifted. You think I dont know what youve got on under there? Your Tinkerbell favorites. Which Ive seen on you. Not to mention, your bikini bares far more skin, and you wear it in public.”

I stepped away from his reaching arms. Well, everyone dresses like that at the beach. And when I changed in the same room with you in the past, you were always distracted. Watching TV or reading. Its not like you were interested.” Or had he been, and I was too naïve to notice?

He closed his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest. Does this work for you?” Before I could respond, he said, Come now. If Im to have you back before your father wakes, we need to get moving.”

I couldnt even comprehend how he could take us to the Realm of Life and have me back home before sunrise. Part of me thought this was a dream and I would wake in the morning to Caiden still being gone.

I glanced at the clock. 10:13 p.m. Here goes nothing. I tossed the robe to the floor, yanked the dress from Caidens shoulder, pulled it on, and fluffed my hair while sliding my feet into a pair of sandals.

Perfect,” Caiden said, surprising me. I glanced at his face.

His eyes were wide and glowing with intense color.

You looked?” I squealed, his turquoise orbs growing brighter. And your eyes…”

He smirked. I always look.”

I folded my arms, about to huff, You what!” when his entire body shimmered with gold.

Its everywhere.” I pointed to his arm and then his face. I considered lifting his blue shirt to see if it covered his stomach, too.

Does it frighten you?” he asked, in the same nervous tone as earlier.

Why would I be frightened? I like it.” I couldnt stop myself from caressing his arm. The texture was smooth but fuzzy, like static energy coated his skin. He twitched and clutched my hands.

We should go,” he said, his voice suddenly husky.

Author Bio:

Tara Gallina is the author of the NA romance The Forever Series, and the YA retelling Fated to Die. She writes and reads romance in a variety of genres but has a soft spot for retellings.

She believes in fairies, true love, and happily ever after. When she’s not writing, she loves to visit gardens, European castles, and Caribbean beaches. She’s passionate about interior design, obsessed with throw pillows, is addicted to vinegar, favors the color pink, and only drinks wine that tastes like melted sugar.

She grew up in a small town by the beach but soon after moved to Orlando, Florida with her patient hubs, two older sons, and two fur-babies. With local theme parks like Disney World and Harry Potter, it’s no wonder her life is filled with fantasy and make believe.

Daily needs: sunshine, laughter, morning coffee, family.

Daily wants: castle, English accent, princess hair, anti-age venom.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Bookbub


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