Cat’s Meow (The 2 Sisters Pet Valet Mysteries #2) by Dane McCaslin #bookreview #mystery

Title: Cat’s Meow

Author: Dane McCaslin

Publisher:  Lyrical Press

Publication Date: March 23, 2021

Page Count:  203

My rating: 3 1/2 stars

About the book:

Retired schoolteacher Gwen Franklin has a new pet project—and a sideline in sleuthing. But this new case has a dangerous sting in the tail . . .

Gwen’s calendar has been filling up ever since she was hounded by her best friend, Nora, into starting 2 Sisters Pet Valet Services. Now they’ve been invited to attend the annual Clear the Shelter event, hosted by Portland’s very own blonde bombshell newscaster, Babs Prescott. Babs is convinced she’s top dog among local celebrities, but it’s clear that someone disagrees when Babs’ body is found following a downtown press conference.

A story this juicy would be headline news at any time, but especially once local crime reporter Shelby Tucker is arrested for the murder. Gwen was Shelby’s high school teacher, and she’s sure her former pupil is innocent. But in that case, who was itching to take Babs out of the spotlight for good? As Nora and Gwen investigate, they find personal mysteries at odds with Babs’ public persona, all leading to a killer who’s not pussyfooting around . . .

Cat’s Meow by Dane McCaslin is the second book in the cozy The 2 Sisters Pet Valet Mysteries series. This series as with most other cozies has a seperate mystery to be fully solved within each book so a reader can read the books as a standalone or in any order if choosing to do so. There is however some character development that carries over from book to book for those that choose to read the entire series in order.

The 2 Sisters Pet Valet Mysteries series introduced readers to Gwen Franklin who had just retired from her career as a high school teacher and had plans to just relax and enjoy this new chapter in her life. Gwen’s best friend Nora however had other plans for Gwen now that she’s retired, Nora had the idea that she and Gwen should go into business together. Nora’s chosen plan is for the pair to open a pet-sitting service which Gwen isn’t too sure about.

Gwen eventually caved into Nora’s plans and the pair find themselves taking on all kinds of pets to get their business going. As their business began to pick up Gwen and Nora found themselves invited to the annual Clear the Shelter event. Unfortunately for the ladies though the hostess of the event, Babs Prescott, is found murdered and a former student of Gwen’s, Shelby Tucker, is arrested for the murder leaving Gwen wanting to catch the real killer.

After finishing the first book in The 2 Sisters Pet Valet Mysteries series I really enjoyed the characters and had a ton of laughs but when finishing the second book now I felt like it missed a bit of the sparkle the first book had. I’m not sure if it were simply the mystery or something else but I’ve lowered my rating of this second book to three and a half stars. I do still feel like this series has potential to really become a favorite so I do plan on coming back for book three hoping a new case, new surroundings and different events will bring my rating back up.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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About the author:

Dane McCaslin, an American author of two ‘cozy mystery’ series and a soon-to-be-released suspense trilogy, resides in the state of Arizona with her very patient husband. She has been writing all of her life: poetry, short stories, journals, letters (yes, those old-fashioned epistles that require pen and paper), and now she brings her talents to the mystery genre.

In addition to being an author, Dane McCaslin is an educator. She currently teaches language arts classes for grades 9, 10, and 11; additionally, she teaches beginning writing classes at the local university. Being an educator is an important part of her life, and passing on her passion for reading and writing is one of her great joys.

Dane McCaslin is also the mother of three grown children and a grandmother of six. She is currently dog-less but is in the market for one that will put up with her penchant for walking in the nearby riparian.

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    • Thanks Chelsea! I sometimes feel like I’ve picked up all the cozies out there but then I come across more i hadn’t even heard of either.🤣


  1. Nice review Carrie. I hope it picks up for you in the next book. This is another series that I probably won’t start, but it sounds like a fun ride.

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