Only for You (Sapphire Springs #2) by Barb Curtis #contemporary #romance

Title: Only for You

Author: Barb Curtis

Publisher:  Forever

Publication Date: July 27, 2021

Page Count:  336

My rating: 5 stars

About the book:

Return to Sapphire Springs with this heartwarming romance where a small-town bakery owner finds herself in a fake relationship with the man she’s always pined after.

Will a fake relationship between two friends lead to true love?

After having his heart broken on national television, Tim Fraser knows only one way to stop the gossip about his love life-a new girlfriend. The problem is, he’s done with romance forever. A fake relationship with his friend and Sapphire Spring’s sweetest baker, Emily Holland, seems the perfect solution to getting rid of his newfound fame, but their fleeting fauxmance is stirring up the kinds of feelings Tim has sworn off for good.

Emily has secretly lusted after Tim for years, but pretending her feelings are all for show never factored into her fantasy. Still, her decades-long crush makes it impossible to say no to Tim’s proposal. But with each date, the lines between pretend and reality blur, giving Tim and Emily a tantalizing taste of life outside the friend zone . . . if they can find the courage to give real love a chance.

Only for You by Barb Curtis is the second book in the contemporary romance Sapphire Springs series. The common theme in this contemporary romance series is the setting of Sapphire Springs with the main couples in each book changing. Since each of the books is a new couple with a new story they can all be read and enjoyed as a standalone without reading the others in the series.

The first book of the series brought a second chance romance which is among my favorite types and now the second book of the series has another favorite trope of a fake dating set up.  Tim Fraser and Emily Holland have been best buds forever so when Tim went through a horrible break up Emily was right there to help pick him back up and be the shoulder her needed.

All the time Tim and Emily have been spending together though has only made Emily’s long time crush even harder to endure so she makes a New Year’s resolution to find someone to love and not spend so much time with Tim. That resolution is shattered when the reality TV show Tim’s ex was a part of finally airs Tim’s horrible break up making the fandom go wild over Tim instead of his ex. To avert all the attention Tim asks Emily to enter a fake romance with him so the world will think he’s happily unavailable.

While this is the second book of the Sapphire Springs series it’s also the author’s second book and I would never guess that when reading. Maybe it’s the fact I love the tropes in the series so far but I just couldn’t help but get lost in the story again when picking this one up. I love a fake dating situation because it forces characters into romantic situations they would never chose on their own and with Tim and Emily being longtime friends it made the story that much better. I can also be a reality TV addict and I just loved this one took a look at the people left behind in those over the top get ratings moments for the show. Regardless of that though this was still a small town romance through and through and it made me want a third book in the series even more so I’ll definitely be back to Sapphire Springs if the author let’s me!

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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About the author:

A happily-ever-after-crafter at heart, Barb Curtis’ love for writing began with a quick-witted style column, and her background in marketing led to stints writing print and web copy, newsletters, and grant proposals. The switch to fiction came with the decision to pair her creativity with her love for words, and crafting characters and settings she could truly get lost in. Barb happily lives in a bubble in rural New Brunswick with her husband, daughter, and dog. You’ll find her restoring the century-old family homestead, weeding the garden, and no doubt whistling the same song all day long.

You can learn more at:
Twitter @Barb_Curtis

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8 Comments on “Only for You (Sapphire Springs #2) by Barb Curtis #contemporary #romance

  1. I’ve also read Only for You and I really enjoyed it as well. I didn’t realize this was the authors second book. That’s amazing. Thanks.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes, she seems to have just begun with this series and I’ve enjoyed both of them quite a bit so I never would have guessed she’s not one with 50+ books to her name.🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Sorry to tempt you again Kim! I do enjoy a good feel good story in between all my heavier books though so it’s good when I find one that just makes me smile.😃

      Liked by 1 person

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