The Summer Cottage (Somerset Lake #1) by Annie Rains #bookreview #contemporary #romance

Title: The Summer Cottage

Author: Annie Rains

Publisher:  Forever

Publication Date: May 25, 2021

Page Count:  448

My rating: 5 stars

About the book:

This summer, they’ll learn that home is where the heart is.

Somerset Lake is the perfect place for Trisha Langly and her son to start over. As the new manager for the Somerset Cottages, Trisha is instantly charmed by the property’s elderly residents and her firecracker of a new boss, Vi Fletcher. But Trisha is less enchanted by Vi’s protective grandson Jake. No matter how tempting she finds the handsome lawyer, Trisha knows that if Jake discovers the truth about her past, she’ll lose the new life she’s worked so hard to build.

Jake Fletcher left Somerset Lake after a tragic loss, but he’s returning for the summer to care for his beloved grandmother, hoping Vi will sell the run-down cottages and finally slow down. There’s just one problem: Trisha, Vi’s new employee. She’s smart, beautiful, and kind, but Jake’s job is to protect his grandmother’s interests, and his gut is telling him Trisha’s hiding something that could jeopardize Vi’s future. However, as they spend summer days renovating the property and bonding over their love for the town, Jake realizes that Trisha is a risk worth taking–if only she can trust him with her secrets . . . and her heart.

Includes the bonus novella!

The Summer Cottage  by Annie Rains is the first book in the new contemporary romance Somerset Lake series. As with most contemporary romance series each book in the Somerset Lake series will feature a new main couple so each could be read as a standalone if choosing to do so. The common theme in the series will be the setting of Somerset Lake, North Carolina which was a wonderful place with a small town feel.

Trisha Langly was looking for a fresh start for her and her son when she spotted the ad for a property manager in Somerset Lake. Trisha wanted nothing but a quiet place to start over after her ex-husband had been arrested for embezzling money from his clients. Both Trisha and her son were being treated as if they had been in on his crimes so when she was hired as the manager it was a lifesaver for them both. 

Trisha’s new boss, Vi Fletcher, was a lovely elderly lady who had run the Somerset Cottages for years until her health became an issue and because of that her grandson, Jake, has come to try to convince Vi to sell. Shortly after Jake arrives though he finds himself pulled into working with Trisha to oversee renovations on the property and begins to see that maybe his parents and uncle don’t understand what the place means to Vi.

The Summer Cottage was a great opening to this new contemporary romance series. I really enjoyed the introduction to this new small town and it seemed to do a good job giving a glimpse into the whole area for the next books in the series. There was a lot going on with the characters lives that gave a bit of mystery of to whether all of it would come together in the end which made the pages turn even faster. Of course I also enjoyed all of the characters which of course if the most important part so this one came together all around for me and made a lovely summer read.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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About the author:

Annie Rains is a USA Today Bestselling author of small town contemporary romance full of hope and heart. After years of dreaming about being an author, Annie published her first book in 2015 and has been chasing deadlines and happy ever afters for her characters ever since. When she isn’t writing, Annie is usually spending time with her husband and 3 children, bingeing Netflix, or reading a book by one of her favorite authors. Sign up for Annie’s newsletter to stay informed about new releases and sales:

You can find Annie online at or on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @annierainsbooks

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