A Good Mother by Sam Hepburn #bookreview #thriller

Title: A Good Mother

Author: Sam Hepburn

Publisher:  Bookouture

Publication Date: May 26, 2021

Page Count:  343

My rating: 3 stars

About the book:

I see my son’s scooter lying in the undergrowth. Time stands still. Where is he? Deafened by my own heartbeat, I keep looking but I can’t see him. This is all my fault. My punishment for the things I did, and the things I should have done.

All I ever wanted was to keep my son safe. I married the perfect husband, built the perfect home. I’ve tried to give Finn the life I never had.

Everything was going so well. Until now.

It’s just small things at first – a punctured tyre, an open gate that I’m sure I locked. But then I see the photograph of two young girls, and a night I’ve tried to forget.

I know I have to stop pretending that nothing is happening. I can’t escape the truth.

Someone knows my secret. But what do they want from me?

A gripping and suspenseful thriller with a jaw-dropping twist, fans of Friend RequestThe Wife Between Us and The Girl on the Train won’t be able to put this down.

A Good Mother by Sam Hepburn is a slow burning thriller that tests the limits of one woman’s love for her child to see just how far she will go. The book introduces readers to Nicci who had lived a hard life spending her time growing up in the foster care system and not always making the best of choices. 

Now Nicci has gotten her life on track not only for herself but for her young son. Working as a receptionist Nicci met her now husband who has treated her well and become the father her son needs. One day though out of the blue a woman from Nicci’s past comes back into her life and puts her perfect life at risk.

I seem to be on the outside with my rating for A Good Mother by Sam Hepburn as most have seemed to love this one. In my case the story started off rather slowly and as I read I just never really liked the main character in this one and felt a lot of her actions were over the top and unbelievable. The bones of the book were very appealing and probably would have rated higher if I had more of a connection to the characters but I would recommend trying this one for yourself since i am in the minority. 

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

Find this book online: 

Goodreads  /   Amazon

6 Comments on “A Good Mother by Sam Hepburn #bookreview #thriller

    • You’re quite welcome. I was disappointed not to enjoy it more but it was one I’d keep rolling my eyes at the characters actions a little too often.

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