The Ghost Hunter’s Daughter by Caroline Flarity #YA #horror #paranormal

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Title: The Ghost Hunter’s Daughter

Author: Caroline Flarity

Publisher: East Side Press

Publication Date: April 13, 2019

Page Count: 264

My rating: 3 1/2 stars

About the book:

Sixteen-year-old Anna sees things from another world, the spiritual world, a skill that isn’t exactly useful in high school. It’s bad enough that her mother, possessed by a demon, took her own life when Anna was a child, a loss she remains tortured by. Now her father makes his living “clearing” haunted objects, and Anna’s job as his assistant makes her a social misfit. Most kids in her suburban New Jersey town refer to her just as “Goblin Girl.”

Only Freddy and Dor remain loyal friends. But Anna’s so focused on her own problems, she’s missed that her connection with Freddy is moving beyond the friend zone and that Dor is in crisis.

As junior year approaches, a rare solar storm lights up the night skies and the citizens of Bloomtown begin to act strangely: Anna’s teachers lash out, her best friends withdraw, and the school bullies go from mean to murderous. When Anna realizes she can harness this evil power, she sets out to save Bloomtown and the only family she has left.

But to do so, she must keep her own increasingly dark urges at bay.


The Ghost Hunter’s Daughter by Caroline Flarity is a young adult horror / paranormal fantasy. While this one is young adult with a sixteen year old main character the content is on the mature side with trigger warnings for suicide (while possessed), suicide ideation, bullying, mental illness (hoarding), self-harm, animal cruelty, predatory and abusive adults in positions of power.

Described as a mix of Supernatural and Mean Girls I couldn’t help but be curious and I suppose I could see that description.  Anna is an outsider and social misfit in her town and known as the Goblin Girl due to her ability to see the supernatural and working alongside her father as he makes a living cleaning haunted objects. As a rare solar storm passes over Anna’s town bad things begin to happen to those around her forcing her to find a way to save the whole town.

I have to admit I totally missed the trigger warnings on this one myself and was thinking along the lines of a more cutesy teen drama with some ghosts and stuff but it really was a lot darker than expected. Typical horror type of wrongness begins to happen to the town to show that the evil has moved in and yes, it’s disturbing and creepy but I  think that ended up catching my attention more being a horror fan. When all said and done I thought it was a solid read worth 3 1/2 stars for mature audiences.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

Find this book online: 

Goodreads  /   Amazon

About the author:

Caroline Flarity is a web content producer living in NYC. Her fascination with fringe topics and love of scary movies led her to begin her writing journey penning creepy screenplays. Her debut novel THE GHOST HUNTER’S DAUGHTER started life as a feature script, placing in the finals of the StoryPros Awards and as a semifinalist in Slamdance Film Festival’s writing competition.

Connect with Caroline on social media here:

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