The Other Daughter by Shalini Boland #bookreview #thriller

Title: The Other Daughter

Author: Shalini Boland

Publisher: Bookouture

Publication Date: November 5, 2019

Page Count: 260

My rating: 5 stars

About the book:

Nine years ago her daughter was taken. And now she’s back.

Two-and-a-half-year-old Holly is playing happily in a pink plastic playhouse, while her mother Rachel sips coffee and chats with a friend nearby. It should be an ordinary day for all of them. But, in the blink of an eye, it turns into every family’s worst nightmare.

Holly is taken by a stranger and never found.

Nine years later, Rachel is living a quiet life in Dorset. She’s tried to keep things together since the traumatic day when she lost her eldest daughter. She has a new family, a loving partner and her secrets are locked away in her painful past.

Until one afternoon when Rachel meets a new school parent Kate and her teenage daughter Bella. Rachel’s world is instantly turned upside down – she’s seen Bella before. She’d recognise that face anywhere – it’s her missing child.

And she will stop at nothing to get her back…

From the million-copy-bestselling author of The Secret Mother and The Perfect Family, this utterly gripping psychological thriller will have you up all night reading. If you loved Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train and The Sister this book is for you.


The Other Daughter is the sixth psychological thriller I’ve read by Shalini Boland  so that alone should tell you I really enjoy her writing. I am at the point now after all previous four or five star stories that I don’t even bother reading the blurb and just grab away when I see her name and here we are yet again with another winner!

This book features a mother who had gone through one of the most devastating things that could happen to a parent. Nine years earlier Rachel had gone out with a friend to a local mall where the ladies chatted while Rachel’s toddler played. In just a few short moments of not paying attention Rachel’s daughter completely vanished.

Now, nine years later, Rachel has patched herself together as good as she can but not a day has gone by she hasn’t thought of her missing daughter. One day while picking up her two younger children from school Rachel meets a new mother at the school who had just moved to town with her husband and three children. When Rachel takes one look at the oldest daughter she loses her breathe from how much the girl resembles her missing Holly.

Seeing that this has become one of my auto-read authors I wasn’t at all surprised when I quickly became engrossed in this story. As soon as I was drawn in and learned all the details of the book my mind began to spin with possible outcomes never trusting anyone or anything because I just know Ms. Boland will have some amazing twists coming. Did all my debating and detectiving work and I get anywhere close?? Heck no! Another no way I would see that one coming made it worth the lack of sleep this page turner caused.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

Find this book online: 

Goodreads  /   Amazon

About the author:

Shalini Boland is the million-copy, USA-Today bestselling author of eight psychological thrillers: ‘THE GIRL FROM THE SEA’, ‘THE BEST FRIEND’, ‘THE MILLIONAIRE’S WIFE’ (optioned for TV by Legendary Studios), ‘THE SECRET MOTHER’, ‘THE CHILD NEXT DOOR’, ‘THE SILENT SISTER’, ‘THE PERFECT FAMILY’ and ‘THE MARRIAGE BETRAYAL’.

THE OTHER DAUGHTER comes out Nov 5th and is now available to preorder!

Her titles are published by Bookouture, Grand Central (USA) and Tantor.

Shalini lives by the sea in Dorset, England with her husband, two children and their cheeky terrier cross. Before kids, she was signed to Universal Music Publishing as a singer/songwriter, but now she spends her days writing psychological thrillers (in between school runs and endless baskets of laundry).

She is also the author of two bestselling Young Adult series as well as a children’s WWII novel with a time-travel twist.

Be the first to hear about her new releases here:

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