Holly and Her Naughty eReader by Julianne Spencer #bookreview #fantasy #romance


Title: Holly and Her Naughty eReader

Author: Julianne Spencer

Publisher: Julianne Spencer

Publication Date: November 19th 2013

Page Count: 177

My rating: 4 stars

About the book:

What if all those brooding teenage vampires, hunky 19th-century aristocrats, and gorgeous dominating billionaires on your Kindle came to life as real people?

Holly Pritchett is a high school English teacher by day, and avid reader by night. Romance, erotica, sci-fi, horror, and more, Holly’s Kindle is packed with thousands of titles and she reads a new novel every day.

But when she returns to her hometown for her 10-year reunion and meets up with an old friend who dabbles in witchcraft, Holly’s Kindle becomes much more than an eReader. No longer a passive observer to the many stories from the Amazon store, Holly becomes an active participant in the books on her Kindle, living the experiences of the characters.

That hot billionaire with a troubled past? Now it’s Holly who’s donning the leather and lace so he can teach her how to live. That beautiful werewolf with the heart of gold? Now Holly is the one who will help him find his true self.

For Holly, life with a magic eReader is a dream come true, until one domineering billionaire takes too keen an interest in her, and the fantasies on her Kindle start spilling over into reality.Part romance, part adventure, and part satire of literary culture in a digital age, Holly and Her Naughty eReader is a novel for anyone who ever got so lost in a good book they forgot where reality ended and fantasy began.

WARNING: Holly and Her Naughty eReader contains intensely steamy scenes with a domineering billionaire who just happens to be a wizard, intensely goofy scenes where Holly stumbles into the body of a horny werewolf, and a cameo from the man who forever changed reading as we know it.


Holly and Her Naughty eReader by Julianne Spencer is a romantic fantasy read. As much as this one screams erotica when looking at the cover it is so much more than the steamier moments in the book. There is actually a good blend of the fantasy with the books coming to life, the humor of a great rom-com and then the sizzle of the moments Holly chooses to lose herself in a 50 Shades knock off.

Holly Pritchett is what would be known as a book nerd, she’s a high school English teacher that spends her free time reading anything and everything she can get her hands on with her Kindle. When Holly travels to attend her high school reunion she brings the Kindle along only to drop it at the airport causing the device to stop working.

After attending the reunion and meeting up with old friends Holly leaves the reunion with a friend who now dabbles in witchcraft. As the pair continue the party a spell is cast unbeknownst to Holly who doesn’t discover it until she’s back at the hotel with her Kindle. Holly is not only surprised the Kindle is working but when she begins to read she is transported straight into the story.

Holly and Her Naughty eReader is another title I grabbed at some point on a whim when it was offered for free and I wasn’t expecting much, instead when I pick this one up it was actually a ton of fun. I’m sure there are plenty of book lovers out there that have their literary boyfriends so imagine jumping right into the books and living out those fantasies. There is plenty of action and excitement along with a lot of laughs even for those that aren’t fans of the steamier content too.

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