The Memory by Lucy Dawson @lucydawsonbooks @Bookouture #bookreview #thriller

Title: The Memory

Author:  Lucy Dawson

Publisher: Bookouture

Publication Date: December 6, 2018

Page Count: 352

My rating: 4.5 stars

About the book:

I look down at her, lying fast asleep – always my little girl, and so beautiful. She gives a low moan as her head turns restlessly on the pillow. It reminds me of the soft growl of a cornered animal. Where is my poor child? What is she dreaming?

People always notice my daughter, Isobel. How could they not? Incredibly beautiful… until she speaks.

An unsettling, little-girl voice, exactly like a child’s, but from the mouth of a full-grown woman.

Izzie might look grown-up, but inside she’s trapped. Caught in the day it happened – the day that broke her from within.

I know why my daughter is the way she is. There’s nothing I could have done to save her… is there?

An unputdownable psychological thriller about families and secrets, perfect for fans of Gone Girl, Shalini Boland and Lisa Jewell.


The Memory by Lucy Dawson is a thriller that has a lot going on within the pages that definitely kept me guessing all throughout. I’m going to try not to say too much but only enough to let readers know what they are picking up. There is a supernatural edge to this story including things like Ouija and voodoo that gave it a dark and creepy feel.

Years ago Eve and her daughter Isobel had moved to a new town after the death of Eve’s husband. Trying to find activities to get her daughter comfortable in a new town Eve found the two of them in Paul’s class one Saturday when he ask her out and she refuses. This angers Paul to the point he takes it out on the children by bringing a pellet gun into the class and shooting at the kids. This event set the stage for Eve and Izzie’s lives from then forward with Izzie never quite recovering from the trauma.

Now Eve has decided it’s time to see their country home to down size into something smaller. Eve finds herself showing the home to Claire who has ties to Eve and Izzie that neither woman are quite aware of on that day Claire visited Eve’s home. Claire however does fall in love with the home and the sale happens before realizing her husband shares a past with Izzie.

As I said I don’t want to give away too much with this one but it definitely was a haunting story from beginning to end. I was certain for the longest time I knew which direction this was headed but boy I was way off the mark. There are of course plenty of secrets and lies among the drama to slowly be unraveled throughout the book keeping the pages turning.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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About the author:

Lucy studied Psychology at Warwick University before becoming a children’s magazine editor. Her first bestselling book – His Other Lover – was published in 2008. Since then she has published four other novels and her work has been translated into numerous other languages. She lives in Exeter with her husband and children. Lucy finds writing in the third person uncomfortable.


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  1. This one sounds quite good, but I don’t like the idea of the school shooting. I am still going to read it though as it sounds very twisty and on the edge of your seat kind of book.


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