Feeding my addiction…

Before getting to this week’s obsessive behavior I have a question for everyone… Am I the only one battling lag on WordPress lately? I don’t seem to have a problem loading anything else but I have to stop myself from pulling my hair out every time I try to do anything on here. 😦

But anyway, onto the more fun part of the post. Again more than I should have picked up but we all know how that is…

New additions from Netgalley  Sept 30th-Oct 6th


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    • I haven’t tried on my phone but maybe I need to. I just hate typing on my phone, my short little fat fingers hit the wrong keys every single time. LOL I do know it’s driving me nuts to sit and watch pages load any time i get a chance to be on my computer these days. 😦

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  1. Hmmm, I thought you were not requesting this week, or was that someone else. 😃😃 Some good looking titles here, but those I do not have, I will not request. Yes, I have been having some lag time, nothing huge, just annoying.

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