Feeding my addiction…

Ok, I just have to say that I truly hope my posts the last few weeks are making others feel better about their obsessive clicking. Again I’ve managed to pick up way more than I had planned to this week and all I can say is darn you Kensington books for having so many pretty shiny titles I can’t resist….

New additions from Netgalley  Sept 17th-Sept 22nd

I also had his one approved this week but it’s already read and reviewed so one less weighting done the good old TBR shelf…

27 Comments on “Feeding my addiction…

    • Thanks, I should learn some control but they look so good! V.C. Andrews books are really nostalgia for me, they aren’t as good as the old ones were but I can’t pass them up. 🙂

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    • Ah the real question was why did they wait to approve it. It was getting ready to publish so I squeezed it in as soon as I got it. : )


  1. Some great choices here Carrie. I only added two more to my list, I had most of the other ones. You did not make me feel better, I received over 20 this week.

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    • Thanks Sandy! I guess I’m paying it forward after seeing someone else mention the Lisa Jewell I had to run off and click myself. 🙂


  2. Lovely haul, Carrie. A couple of books caught my attention but I will try my very best not to request them as I’m already swimming on NetGalley eARCs. 😁

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      • Lol Good thing you can easily catch up from your reading. Me, not so much. I’m so close to falling off the 50% ratio. It’s a wonder I still got approved. 😁

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        • Haha I’m doing my best but I doubt I can increase any more than I have so I need to slow my clicking. If it makes you feel better though I’ve known NG users in the single digits with their ratio and still getting approved (even when I got a decline). LOL

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