Feeding my addiction….

This is going to be a rather quick and pathetic addition post this week with me not being online much I’ve not really done much adding new books either. But I thought I’d also give a quick update on my mom… Wednesday we went out to the doctor only to get a scare. Doc had done some tests and of course said would call with results but instead calls before all the way back home and said get to hospital. Well, after numerous hours in the ER the doc there says it’s not an emergency situation but follow up with doctor… arrgghh! But it seems she has signs of heart disease and is being sent to cardiologist now but not as scary as we originally thought with that first phone call. With our good old health care system we won’t know more for weeks but hopefully all will be well. *sigh* Anyway… onto new books…

New additions from Netgalley Aug 12th- Aug 18th

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  1. I am praying for your mom Carrie. It is scary, I have to deal with it with my husband and I know how scary and stressful it is. Hang in there and stay strong for your mom. I hope it all goes well with the cardio…….don’t get afraid to ask lots of questions!!!💖💖


  2. Quality, not quantity Carrie. Both of those look like great reads. I hope your Mom is going to be okay. I’ll be thinking of you. And believe me, the health system is much the same the world over. 💕💕💕


  3. I will keep your mom in my prayers Carrie. It is so hard when we don’t know, the worrying is worse when you don’t know what is happening. I hope all goes well and the doctors are able to help her out. Both of your books look good, enjoy them.


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