Feeding my addiction….

Last week my post was definitely a lot crazier than this week by a mile. I would say I’m proud of myself but I really didn’t hold back too much and more of a just not too many caught my attention. Of course I say that now and when I visit everyone else’s post this weekend I may end up with more. 🙂

New additions from Netgalley July 8th-14th

Just a heads up to anyone who might be interested in Strange Grace.. So far it’s a PDF only on Netgalley without a Kindle download option available. Hopefully if it stays that way the story will be amazing to make up for the eye strain trying to read a PDF.


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  1. Wait, what??? I got more than you this week Carrie? How is that even possible??😂😂 Nice haul!!😊💖 I browsed all week and really couldn’t find too much. Maybe the books will get better as summer ends??

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    • LOL Thanks, really it did seem like a slow week on the site. Out of the four I think two were clicked a while ago and one was a widget so I’m guessing next week there will probably be tons of them to make up for it. 🙂


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