Feeding my addiction…..

Looking at last weeks new book post I had a total of 19 adds so I felt like I did a bit better this week. That was I felt better until I remembered I’d actually done the post for two weeks at once. What can I say, I have an itchy clicking finger…

New additions from June 16th-23rd

From Netgalley:

And from Edelweiss:

So 8 adds for the week and that is when I thought I was doing well, it will be really fun to see what one of these posts look like when I really go crazy. πŸ™‚

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  1. Haha! I was a little more restrained than you and only got 5 (so far. There are lots of requests pending!). I also got Winter Cottage and there are a couple more on your list that I like the look of. Off to NetGalley again!

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    • Oh I think I have like 18 pending too. LOL But 2 of those are the 2 EW books that I grabbed as download over there, was tired of waiting on them to answer.


  2. Looks lije some good ones there. A couple look very I teresting but I will not go to Netgalley to check them. I really need to stop reading all these posts, they make it too tempting.

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    • I’m actually a lot better behaved on EW but the two I picked up this week are just hanging in space in my pendings on NG so when they are easily obtainable over on EW then why not? LOL


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