The Other Woman by Sandie Jones @realsandiejones @MinotaurBooks #bookreview #thriller

Title: The Other Woman

Author: Sandie Jones

Publisher: Minotaur Books

Publication Date: August 21, 2018

Page Count: 304

My rating:  4 stars

About the book:

The most twisty, addictive and gripping debut thriller you’ll read this year.

HE LOVES YOU: Adam adores Emily. Emily thinks Adam’s perfect, the man she thought she’d never meet.

BUT SHE LOVES YOU NOT: Lurking in the shadows is a rival, a woman who shares a deep bond with the man she loves.

AND SHE’LL STOP AT NOTHING: Emily chose Adam, but she didn’t choose his mother Pammie. There’s nothing a mother wouldn’t do for her son, and now Emily is about to find out just how far Pammie will go to get what she wants: Emily gone forever.

THE OTHER WOMAN will have you questioning her on every page, in Sandie Jones’ chilling psychological thriller about a man, his new girlfriend, and the mother who will not let him go.

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The Other Woman by Sandie Jones is another of those books that make me crave popcorn once I pick them up and start reading. It’s the type of story that early on you get the entire general idea of what will happen but still fun to sit back and wait for the fireworks and enjoy the show along the way.

Emily has come out of a relationship where she caught her boyfriend cheating with a good friend of hers so she’s a bit hesitant to get back in the game until she meets Adam. The more Emily gets to know Adam the more she thinks he’s absolutely perfect for her, that is until he brings her home to meet his mother.

On the surface Emily’s first meeting with Pammie goes well but for Emily the doubts begin to creep in after that meeting. While Pammie appears to be friendly and welcoming little things she does or say seem to get the best of Emily but Emily is not willing to give up her love for Adam despite his mother.

The story inside of The Other Woman is not a new one but it’s one that has managed to grab my attention time and time again. The good old ‘evil mother in law to be’ trope did manage to entertain me until the very end again this time and oh what an ending it was. Emily and Pammie made such an entertaining pair this go round that I flew right through the book and would certainly recommend this to those that enjoy a good old fashioned drama filled suspenseful ride.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

Find this book online: 

Goodreads  /   Amazon

About the author:

Sandie Jones has worked as a freelance journalist for over twenty years, and has written for publications including the Sunday Times, Woman’s Weekly and the Daily Mail. She lives in London with her husband and three children. The Other Woman is her debut novel.



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  1. Fabulous review Carrie! I am really looking forward to this one, and I’m so jealous that you are reading books that come out in August, I guess I could but I have so many still to read that are coming out in June, however I’m reading a July really is right now, and it is really good!💕

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    • Thanks! I’ve been doing my best to get my shelf back to being ahead and not waiting until the last minute for everything lately so I joined back up in the challenge on Goodreads to help motivate me. One of the categories was an author named Jones so this one got pushed ahead, believe me I still have plenty of July to do too. 🙂

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        • Haha yep, and things haven’t really changed much as far as it’s the same old complaints each month. They are absolutely amazing at coming up with creative and fun ideas for comps but definitely need work on running them, almost worse than before because it seems they don’t even want to come online much…. can be up to a week before a score update now. But I needed a bit of motivation to get myself back ahead and not have to be skipping so many books I want to click and read so at least it’s been fun that way. Talked Tati into coming back and joining me next month too now. LOL

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    • I actually found you in my spam but I think I have them all fixed and sorted now. Had a ton in there and I try to check every few days. Not sure why in the world WordPress keeps doing that to people but I learned to try to keep an eye out since I was told it was happening to me on other blogs. 😦


            • Yeah, I’ve learned that from others telling me they found me there. Check mine and at least a couple times a month I find people that have commented before tossed in there along with others who are making perfectly fine comments. Of course there’s tons and tons of actual spam too so I’m not sure I’d want all that coming though either.


                    • I know, at one point I was wondering why I wasn’t getting responses sometimes but now I figure I’ve probably hit the spam and how do you tell someone if they didn’t see the first comment? And truth be told I wouldn’t be able to remember and go back to each time I never got a response anyway. LOL


                    • Same here. If I do remember and if that blogger comments on my post, I can tell them. I mail them via contact page sometimes till I realized my mail is going to the spam list

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                    • Very true, but I’m sure I would still miss noticing a non response occasionally. I know some people don’t comment back for a while and eventually get there where others are more immediate and sometimes I get behind reading blogs so I’m commenting on older posts and it may just get missed or overlooked that way too. If only WordPress would do as it should and just post someone who had been approved like it says it will. *sigh*


                    • No or I wouldn’t have found yours in there tonight, you have commented before so there’s no way it should have tossed you. 😦 And I know it works the other way too on blogs I had commented on regularly and I end up in there. I read that if someone accidentally or I suppose on purpose marks you as spam you end up there for everyone…. but really I might believe that if it were a rare thing but it happens all the time.


  2. I do enjoy this type of story and your review makes it sound so good, but I must restrain myself. I have not yet tired of the evil mother-in-law trope, perhaps because my MIL was pretty amazing.

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