The Shimmer by Carsten Stroud #bookreview #scifi #thriller

Title: The Shimmer

Author: Carsten Stroud

Publisher: MIRA

Publication Date: June 5, 2018

Page Count: 336

My rating:   3 stars

About the book:

How do you hunt a killer who can go back in time and make sure you’re never born?

A police pursuit kicks Sergeant Jack Redding of the Florida Highway Patrol and his trainee, Julie Karras, into a shoot-out that ends with one girl dead and another in cuffs, and the driver of the SUV fleeing into the Intracoastal Waterway. Redding stays on the hunt, driven by the trace memory that he knows that running woman—and he does, because his grandfather, a cop in Jacksonville, was hunting the same woman in 1957.

Redding and his partner, Pandora Jansson, chase a seductive serial killer who can ride The Shimmer across decades. The pursuit cuts from modern-day Jacksonville to Mafia-ruled St. Augustine in 1957, then to the French Quarter of New Orleans in 1914. The stakes turn brutal when Jack, whose wife and child died in a crash the previous Christmas Eve, faces a terrible choice: help his grandfather catch the killer, or change time itself and try to save his wife and child.

The Shimmer is a unique time-shifting thriller that will stay with you long after its utterly unforeseen and yet perfectly diabolical ending.

my-review_43_orig - Edited

The Shimmer by Carsten Stroud is a science fiction thriller that takes place across decades in the hunt for a killer. This one was action packed from the beginning keeping up a fairly fast pace all throughout.

As officers corner a SUV in Florida Sergeant Jack Redding and his trainee Julie Karras find themselves at the scene. What appears to be two teen girls taken hostage and the driver running when cornered gets a bit out of control when one of the teens ends up dead at the hand of the law.

Redding thinks he recognizes the escaped suspect although he can’t put his fingers on from where but he becomes determined to stop her no matter the cost. As the body count rises Redding finds that his grandfather had been chasing the same suspect in 1957 and before he knows it he’s finding out the secret of time travel.

As I mentioned this one was a really fast paced starting with the confrontation at the SUV in the beginning of the story and following it across decades. Normally I’m all for a fast pace but with this one I think the author sacrificed a bit of depth to the characters and world keeping up the action as it did get a little confusing to grasp in places. The idea behind the story though was great, had me thinking a bit of a take on the Butterfly Effect, so in the end I did enjoy the story.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via Edelweiss.

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About the author:

Carsten Stroud, is the author of Cuba Strait, Black Water Transit, the award-winning Sniper’s Moon, and other novels. His nonfiction titles include Deadly Force; Iron Bravo, chosen for the US Army’s recommended reading list; and the New York Times bestseller Close Pursuit. He lives on the shores of Lake Huron.


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