Every Single Secret by Emily Carpenter #bookreview #thriller

Title: Every Single Secret

Author:  Emily Carpenter

Publisher: Lake Union Publishing

Publication Date: May 1, 2018

Page Count: 313

My rating: 3 stars

About the book:

Emotionally guarded Daphne Amos always believed she’d found a kindred spirit in her fiancé, Heath. Both very private people, they’ve kept their pasts hidden from the world, and each other, until Heath’s escalating nightmares begin to put an undeniable strain on their relationship. Determined to give their impending marriage the best chance of succeeding, Heath insists that Daphne join him on a seven-day retreat with Dr. Matthew Cerny, a psychologist celebrated for getting to the root of repressed memories. Daphne reluctantly agrees—even though the past is the last place she wants to go.

The retreat’s isolated and forbidding location increases her unease, as do the doctor’s rules: they must relinquish their keys and phones, they’ll be monitored at all hours by hidden cameras, and they’re never to socialize with the other guests.

One sleepless night, Daphne decides to leave her room…and only then does she realize that the institute is not at all what it seems—and that whatever’s crying out from Heath’s past isn’t meant to be heard. It’s meant to be silenced.

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Every Single Secret by Emily Carpenter is a thriller that poses the questions of just how far one would go for love and should some secrets just stay buried. Daphne Amos has thought she’d found the love of her life in her fiance Heath but when Heath begins to have violent nightmares Daphne knows something is wrong.

Daphne and Heath were very alike in the fact they didn’t like to talk about their past and were very private people which was some of what brought them together. After Heath begins to have more and more episodes he approaches Daphne with the idea of joining him at a retreat run by Dr. Matthew Cerny.

Dr. Cerny is psychologist specializing in treating repressed memories which is just what Heath seems to need but the methods of treatment are what gives Daphne pause. The retreat is not only in a very remote location but they must turn over all electronics and will have cameras on them at all times. It isn’t long that Daphne realizes that things are not what they seem on the outside of the retreat.

Every Single Secret is one of those books that I feel if I try to explain the format in this one I will probably make it more complicated than it reads. There are time changes in the story that are clearly marked and not really hard to follow though starting on one day then jumping back a week with memories bringing up things further in the past and a back and forth between the present/past…. see, I’m confusing myself but it really wasn’t while reading.

Anyway…. this one wasn’t a bad read really but I found for me that starting off I didn’t quite connect with Daphne to really draw me into her story to really love this book as much as some seem to. The story isn’t a bad one but it wasn’t one that overly shocked me either along the way but it is one of those situations that you want to know the outcome making this one an alright read for me in the end.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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About the author:

EMILY CARPENTER, a former actor, producer, screenwriter, and behind-the-scenes soap opera assistant, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Auburn University. Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, she now lives in Georgia with her family. BURYING THE HONEYSUCKLE GIRLS is her first novel. You can visit Emily online at emilycarpenterauthor.com.

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  1. Glad to see I wasn’t the only one who didn’t connect with Daphne. I have been seeing so many rave reviews for this one but it was an okay read for me too. I did like her backstory though. Great review.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Diana, makes me feel a little better to know it wasn’t just me with this one. When I finished I was seeing lots of 4s and 5s and felt I was the oddball for coming away a bit meh with this one. And now the joy of writing much the same review on the title I just finished. *sigh*


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