American Ninja Warrior in Indy 2018

Alright, I know I normally stick to all bookish content but I thought I would share something a little different today. The television show American Ninja Warrior is taping here in Indianapolis the next two nights for the upcoming summer season. I don’t know if anyone else out there loves this show but it’s a favorite of mine so I thought it would be nice to share a sneak peek as they are setting up. 30856956_10155817848494081_5126748015581910434_o30419968_10155817848549081_147046625326292257_o30171644_10155817848764081_8424847260813489586_o30420848_10155817849309081_2784172451480792953_o30822292_10155817849469081_456203766049411208_o30425225_10155817849799081_6803940694077118656_o30420409_10155817850024081_6717136189545231483_o30848794_10155817850049081_4145281719138450913_o30420820_10155817850294081_8103315988879853889_o30806063_10155817850559081_5918032131429106946_o30167747_10155817850529081_5957047074983386168_o30813894_10155817851039081_8269472432823029070_o30171432_10155817851379081_7684229102357331159_o30857006_10155817851374081_6967086103161557092_o

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    • I would absolutely love to see it filming but they have very few seats and seem to give those to groups. They do have standing room only spots but they say get there early to maybe get a shot at them and taping goes from just after dark until 5-6am each night so that means standing for 12+ hours and temps tonight are dropping below freezing so no way I’d ever attempt that.


            • Oh yeah, I learned that several years back when my cousin got tickets to the taping in Dallas when he was living there before they ever came to Indy to tape. With them taping in the overnight hours even warmer cities drop down to some chilly temps early in the AM hours so if you watch the audience from city to city you will see most of them bundled up even if the contestants are shirtless competing. Gives a whole new perspective to those that fail and fall into the water when you think about it being around 30 Sunday night here. Next week should be Philly and then Minneapolis I believe so they will probably be low there too.


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