Blood Will Tell by Colleen S. Myers blitz with review and giveaway


Ever wonder what would happen if TWILIGHT met DIVERGENT? Find out Colleen Myers’s BLOOD WILL TELL, book 1 in her new Blood Series!


Title: Blood Will Tell

Author: Colleen Myers

Genre: YA Dystopian/Fantasy

Series: Blood, Book 1

Release Date: April 2, 2018

Format: Digital eBook

My rating: 3 1/2 stars

About the book:

Unbeknownst to eighteen-year old Isabelle, her dad inserted a vital DNA sequence into her blood that made her resistant to the Immortalus virus, but unlocked other capabilities that prove to be the key to the war between the human and vampire race.

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Blood Will Tell by Colleen S. Myers is the first book of the Blood series. The series a bit of a young adult/new adult paranormal fantasy mixed with science fiction and romance. The main character in here, Isabelle, is only eighteen but she was married young so the content in here is definitely meant for an older more mature audience with numerous sexual situations. 

At the beginning of the story Isa finds herself sick to her stomach and stays home with her mother for the day only to awaken to alerts of a virus going out on the television. Isa wakes her mother who rushes the pair off to safety.

Then the story takes a six year jump and joins Isa in a walled city surrounded by vampires who are now in control. Isa has been forced into a marriage at a young age and she’s lost her mother in the time span that passed.

Now Isa is approached by a vampire named Roke who seems to have a message from her mother but Isa doesn’t know how that is possible since she died. For some reason Isa finds herself trusting Roke though so when he says to come with him and he’ll protect her she believes it.

The story is a very fast paced read that jumps right into the action and does the world and character building along the way as events go flying by. The normal vampire rules are out the door as this one takes on a science fiction edge to everything involved with viruses and DNA manipulation and more mixed in.

Along with the sexual content warning I would also warn readers of a love triangle forming in this first book of the series for those that are opposed to them. This would be one that I didn’t actually mind it myself and even went back and forth on which I would even root for. In the end I would rate this opener at 3.5 stars and I was certainly curious what will happen in the rest of the series as this one only opened doors for so much more with a bit of a cliffhanger end leaving questions for the next book.

I received an advance copy from the author and Barclay Publicity.

Find this book online: 

Goodreads  /   Amazon

ColleenMyers (1)About the author:

Colleen S. Myers was raised in a large catholic family in the outskirts of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she grew up on Harlequin teen romances and stories from her mother’s days as a paramedic. She went on to attend Allegheny College majoring in Biology and English.

After college, Colleen spent a year in service in the Americorp giving back to the community at a local Pittsburgh Women Infants and Children Clinic (WICC) before attending Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine on a military scholarship.

Upon completing medical school, Colleen attended residency at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland and was on base in Washington, DC during 9/11. She earned three meritorious service awards from the military. After serving seven years of active duty, she promptly landed a position at the VA to provide fellow veterans with optimum medical care. Still an avid fan of romances into adulthood, her love of the genre inspired her to hone her craft as a writer, focusing on contemporary romance and science fiction. Her background in medicine and the military provides an inspiring layer of creative realism to her stories and characters.

Her first book, Must Remember, the first book in the Solum series, is published by Champagne Press. The sequel, Can’t Forget, coming in June 2016, is the recipient of the 2015 RWA New England Readers Award.

Colleen currently resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband and son, and spends her spare time writing. She is also working on a new contemporary romance.

Connect with Colleen: Website  | Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Goodreads


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    • Thanks! There’s really not any more reason other that the ooh he’s cute and my marriage has sucked for either relationship but it’s a fun quick read with some interesting science going on so I’m forgiving her at not stopping at one cute guy. LOL

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