Let’s talk about Spam…..

Spam_canNo no… not THAT Spam…. I’m talking the WordPress likes to send our comments over to the Spam folder when we try to interact with our fellow blogger type of spam. I was told by a fellow blogger that she’d found a couple of my comments in her spam folder and come on most of you know I’m more a lurker and liker while reading posts to try to save myself from ending up in the cobwebs. Apparently though even I must have hit some limit in the blogosphere that made me seem a bit too chatty for their liking so I thought what a better time to check my own folder. Low and behold in my own spam folder I found several legitimate comments from fellow bloggers and approved them but now wading through my comments I’m not sure where the heck they ended up. *sigh* So to make a long story short here I thought I would make this post and sincerely apologize if I did miss someone’s comment here on my blog and send out a friendly reminder to everyone to keep an eye out for missing comments on their own pages. And now back to my normal bookish content. 🙂




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    • It is rather frustrating trying to interact on here and WordPress sends things over automatically. I should get in a better habit of checking but I’m guilty of only thinking of it when someone makes one of these posts so I suppose it was my turn to remind others. 🙂


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