Last Cry (Detective Dan Riley #1) by Anna-Lou Weatherley #bookreview #thriller


Title: Last Cry

Author: Anna-Lou Weatherley

Publisher: Bookouture

Publication Date: January 31, 2018

Page Count: 307

My rating:  4  stars

About the book:

There’s a letter on the floor covered with blood next to a heart-shaped box of chocolates. The note says: ‘My beautiful darling, I’m sorry, please forgive me.’

When the body of a man is found with his wrists slashed in a London hotel room, it appears at first to be a tragic suicide. But Detective Dan Riley suspects there is more to this case than meets the eye and the pathology report confirms his worst fears – the victim was poisoned and suddenly Dan is dealing with a murder inquiry.

Then he makes a disturbing discovery, uncovering links between the victim and a woman calling herself Goldilocks on an online dating site. Is she seeking revenge or something more?

Still grieving the devastating loss of his girlfriend and unborn child in a car accident two years ago, Dan throws everything he has into the investigation. Yet just as Dan begins to piece together the clues of this complex case, the body of a woman is found in her bed with identical wounds.

Dan is on the trail of a twisted individual who is much closer than he realizes. Can he overcome his own demons and stop the killer before it’s too late?

An all-consuming and totally unputdownable read that will have you holding your breath to the very last page. Perfect for fans of Rachel Abbott, Robert Bryndza and Karin Slaughter.


Last Cry by Anna-Lou Weatherley is the first book in the new Detective Dan Riley police procedural thriller series. But the first thing I want to mention is this one may be undergoing a title change before it’s release as my copy from Netgalley and the Goodreads listing of this one has it titled as Last Cry but the Amazon page is listing it as Black Heart, same book but conflicting titles on this one just yet.

Anyway, on to the story within this first installment of the series… The book is one that alternates the point of view between the killer in the story and our Detective Dan Riley. What is noticeable right away is this one goes for being different in the fact the killer is a female serial killer so that immediately had my attention and pulled me into the story. Her murders can be a bit on the graphic side and there is also a bit of animal cruelty so just a warning on both of those counts.

Dan was a likable character that I think readers will enjoy. He’s getting over the death of his long time girlfriend Rachel during the book so that gave him a personable side along with the tough detective side as the investigation goes on. Perhaps he does seem a bit obsessive over the loss of his ex but I think that will be toned down a bit as the books move on. In this one though it was nice getting to know him and his past as he took on this case.

By the time I was done reading this first installment I found myself looking forward to not only seeing what Dan’s next case would bring since this one had a unique quality to it but also where he will head in his personal life. A solid opener for this series that I think readers will enjoy.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

Find this book online: 

Goodreads  /   Amazon


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