Merry Christmas!!




It’s either very late on Christmas Eve or the very early morning hours of Christmas day depending upon how you look at it. Of course I’m wide awake and reaching for my Kindle as usual but I thought I’d take a moment to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!!! May all of you have a wonderful holiday!


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      • You’re quite welcome! I’m glad you are enjoying using it. Some people say they can’t focus and listen but I find it pretty easy to do and if I get distracted I just go back a bit. Still get much more reading done than having to sit and hold my Kindle and put it down to do anything else. Heck can even flip it to audio when just needing to run to the bathroom and not wanting to stop reading. LOL


      • Aw thanks! Now you know one of my reasons for loving my Kindle so very much, I can make pretty much any book audio if I need to, I can lay in bed in the dark and read with the lit screen, I don’t have to make space for more books, and my hands and wrists hurt these days holding anything for a long time so getting a Kindle brought my love of reading back and then some! 🙂


      • See, everytime someone asks me how I read so fast I try to explain I do a lot on audio and they still don’t get it. Even if I have absolutely nothing else going on and could sit/lay for hours and read I’d still need to take bathroom breaks or eat/drink etc and with audio you don’t even stop for that. And then count all the things you can also do while still reading such as folding clothes, doing dishes etc etc you can see those extra minutes really add up quickly. 🙂


      • I’m sure it will be fine, I’ve found you don’t need to spend a massive amount to get something that works well. I bought an adapter for my truck for a couple bucks at Walmart several years back and it still works great so I can even play my Kindle over the speakers in there. LOL

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      • Thats so awesome! Yeah I am cheap when I buy anything for myself well when I buy anything at all which isn’t much besides an ass amount of medicine to keep the people in my house going. But I get gift cards for doing some small kind of work online. Like small stuff so am able to get things for house and things here and there but I am all about the cheap as possible! I’m sure it will work out fine and I can listen to my books because the speakers on the kindles don’t seem to work that great unfortunately.😕

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      • I’m the same way, I don’t see any reason to overspend if you don’t have to. Generally I use headphones to listen and the sound is much better than just playing it out loud but I’m sure speakers will help that too. The headphones for me are just more portable for getting up and doing things.


      • I love headphones but I have Menieres Disease which causes me to be dizzy and feel like fluid is all in my ears so at times can make headphones ugh to wear unfortunately but have to agree with you it being portable is the best way but I guess with the wireless small speaker I can carry it around so it should work out okie dokie but it would be nice to drown out the kids at times. Lol.

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      • Speaking of kids though it might be best to NOT drown them out and be able to hear them too, who knows what they would get into if you weren’t listening. LOL


      • This is very true! Silence in my house is suspicious. I start investigating when there is silence. Lol. I never drown them out unless I know they are safe with their other parents but then still it drives me crazy not knowing what’s going on. If it’s silent in my house something is wrong.

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      • Like right now my ADHD 6 year old is driving me up the wall and is making these crazy noises and won’t stop and my daughter is singing on her new karaoke machine. OH LAWD, they are driving me crazy and on top of it my son’s father who I caregive tourettes is getting set off by the noise so he’s saying random crazy things.

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      • Oh what fun! Not. LOL But truth be told it would be worse if all were quiet, gosh knows what’s happening then and then you have to get up and find out before they do something they shouldn’t…. at least from my experience anyway.


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