Through a Dark Glass by Barb Hendee

Through a Dark GlassThrough a Dark Glass by Barb Hendee
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Seventeen year old Megan of Chaumont has just lost her sister when she finds out that she will now have to take her place and marry one of the brutish Volodane brothers. Megan’s parents are deeply in debt but still have their good family name and the Volodane’s have offered to help to hopefully improve their standing by marrying into Megan’s family. But Megan never intended to marry and has no idea what would be the right choice between the three brothers in the Volodane family.

Overwhelmed with the future she’s being forced to choose Megan flees the welcoming dinner to find a quiet spot and gather her thoughts. As Megan hides in one of the places she used as a child she finds a magic mirror and is offered the chance to look into what her future would hold with each of the brothers to help her make the choice between them.

Through a Dark Glass by Barb Hendee is a young adult fantasy read. While this one is fantasy in the fact that the magical mirror shows Megan what would happen between her three different choices the story reads a bit more along the lines of a historical romance. Set in a world with lords and ladies, nobles and peasants and when woman were treated more along the lines as properties than people each vision of Megan’s choices certainly had that historical fiction feel to them.

While I was quite intrigued with the idea behind this story and also found the writing to be quite nice overall I thought that this was began to be a bit too repetitive. The idea of getting to know where your choice will lead you before making it was a great idea for the story but with each of the visions the underlying events were all the same with slight differences to the outcome. I would have expected the visions to really veer off from one another to keep a higher interest level in the book so in the end I found this one to just be an OK read overall.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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    • I can see both sides to what she did with this one but to me it just leaned a bit too much on the repetitive side going through the same basic events three times. I’d still try more of her books after reading this one even though this kind of fizzled out a bit for me there.

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