Disturbed by Jennifer Jaynes

DisturbedDisturbed by Jennifer Jaynes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Five years ago on Halloween night Chelsea Dutton and her friends were celebrating a birthday in the group when things went horribly wrong. Chelsea is found barely clinging to life in the bathtub while a couple of her other friends nearby were brutally murdered along with an ominous message left that was never released to the public. The boyfriend of one of the girls, Ethan, was always a suspect but nothing could be proven and he’d disappeared without a trace leaving the case to go cold.

Now Chelsea is doing the best she can to go about her life as she struggles with anxiety even with no memory of what had really happened that night. She has her best friend Elizabeth that she met during her recovery that helps her cope and move on from that horrific night. When Chelsea runs into Boyd that had escaped that night by leaving the party early to go to work she finds it’s nice to have someone who understands her pain. Shortly after meeting and beginning a relationship with Boyd however Chelsea finds a note with the same message left at the murder scene which let’s the detective open the case back up again.

Disturbed is the second thriller I’ve read from Jennifer Jaynes and just as with the first book she had no problem wowing me with her story within the pages. This one is definitely one of those intense reads that you just don’t want to put down until you know exactly what happened and who is to blame. There are plenty of twists and turns and for me an outcome that I just didn’t see coming.

Chelsea is one of those characters that carries many emotional scars from her trauma but yet determined to move on with life. However as quickly as I began to feel for Chelsea I just as quickly began to suspect everyone around her and wonder just what would happen in this girl’s life now. Never quite putting my finger on the outcome this would be one thriller I’d definitely recommend checking out.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

50 Comments on “Disturbed by Jennifer Jaynes

        • Oh that’s fine if you want to share them too but I have to ask, did you get your computer working? I spend hours each week setting up the posts as it is but I can’t imagine trying to do it on a phone.

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          • Yeah it’s pretty much working now. She said I only have to copy and paste in the HTML but I don’t know. You would know about that but hopefully it’s not too hard. I didn’t realize I was really signing up for it. Lol. I am on the blog your schedule for them because of a blitz on your page and somehow ended up doing that. Lol. Hopefully it’s not too hard to figure out!😞

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            • Yes, she sends HTML each time but some format to their own styles too so either way is fine. It’s just a lot to keep up with getting them on their correct dates and spread out throughout the week, no way I’d be trying to do all that on wordpress from a phone. LOL

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    • Thank you Diana! I sort of was kicking myself for not seeing it thinking that I really should have but that just made me like it all the more. 🙂


  2. Hey Carrie! So I need some advice. I am torn between this book and The Other Wife. I don’t want something to frightening but just trying to get a goodread to help my mood. This one the publication dates has already passed so probably the smartest choice. Just wanted your advice!😉

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  3. I understand why so many people didn’t expect this but figured it out from the introduction of the character.😭😭😭 But you were right it was a very suspenseful thriller. The unfortunate thing is it makes certain things look bad and I battle it myself. But you might want to delete my previous comments!

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      • I can see why girl. Some parts caught me even off guard and lived with it! I really enjoyed the book and the outline was fantastic just because I know all the things that happens it made it easy! But I am glad you enjoyed it and I’m sure this would be a great seller! I hated giving it a 3.5 rating but I had to because of the personal reasons! But hope you don’t find me too weird now😣 Anywho I hope you have a great night and feel better lady!😁

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        • Haha like I said before we’re all weird in our own ways and should head to that weirdo academy, what’s normal?? 🙂


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