Siege of Shadows by Sarah Raughley

Siege of ShadowsSiege of Shadows by Sarah Raughley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Siege of Shadows by Sarah Raughley is the second book in the Effigies series. A young adult science fiction fantasy series readers were introduced in the first book to high school student Maia Finley who knew that one of her idols must have died because Maia had been chosen to take her place as the new Fire Effigy. There were always four Effigies at any given time and when one died another young girl is chosen by fate to inherit the magical abilities of one of the four elements.

When the city of New York came under attack from phantoms with the protection system down Maia found herself tossed into the middle of battle without a clue what to do. Luckily Belle, another Effigy showed up and saved the day but it wasn’t long until Maia’s secret was out and she was pulled into battle with the other girls and the secret government program, the Sect that is in charge of the Effigies.

Now in Siege of Shadows the story of Maia, Belle, Lake and Chae Rin, the four young Effigies continues a couple of months after it left off in the first book. The girls know they need to band together to defeat their enemies and have been training and studying all the while trying to learn the secret behind Saul and his attacks. The girls struggle with the press and the public and balancing their duties to protect with those that think the Sect and Effigies are part of the problem.

Ok, when finishing Siege of Shadows I know that I need to write a review for this one but it was one of those moments of wow, WTH did I just read???? After picking my jaw back up off the floor and dusting it off I took a bit of time to gather my thoughts on this story and decided that this second book deserved nothing less than 5 stars for that shocking ending alone.

Now, don’t get me wrong I did have my moments of doubt with this second book of the Effigies series. It seemed like it was going to fall into that middle book syndrome that I often comment on where it just lacks the action from the first and is only setting up the next. But thankfully that feeling went away when the story picked up the action and excitement that I’d come to expect from this series.

This book does a lot of world/story building and letting the readers get closer to the four Effigies that the story revolved around and I thought it was going to really slow down the pace but then there were moments of shock and awe as the story went on. Then on top of it all there was an explosive end to this book that I found that I have no clue in the world where the story could continue onward from here. Great job surprising me with this one and I’ll definitely be one of the first in line next year for book three. I’d even begun to think that wow I’d love to see a movie version of this tale so would I recommend it? Heck yes!

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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  1. Yay! I have the eARC as well so I’m especially happy you loved this Carrie! I really can’t wait to read this now. Fantastic review!😊

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