The Delphi Resistance (The Delphi Trilogy #2) by Rysa Walker

The Delphi Resistance (The Delphi Trilogy #2)The Delphi Resistance by Rysa Walker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Delphi Resistance by Rysa Walker is the second book of the Delphi Trilogy. This series is a young adult science fiction fantasy read that involves many different elements in the story such as clairvoyance, psychic abilities, telekinesis and on and on. In the first book of the series readers were introduced to Anna Morgan who had spent her life bouncing from home to home with some time out on the streets in between ever since she was abandoned as a toddler with a note claiming she was possessed. As Anna got older she had since learned she had an unusual ability to pick up ghostly hitchhikers. If she came across a restless spirit and touched whatever object they were hanging onto she ended up with them inhabiting her body which could sometimes become a struggle for her to keep control herself.

When Anna had picked up the spirit of Molly, a young girl that was brutally murdered, Molly had done her best to convince Anna to contact her grandfather who had been a policeman. Molly was tormented by the fact that her killer was involved in human trafficking and will most definitely be hurting other young women unless Molly could get Anna to help stop him. Anna getting in touch with Molly’s grandfather led her to team up with a group of teens that found out about the Delphi experiment by the government that gave these kids differing powers with a whole dangerous outcome for the group while they were investigating.

Now The Delphi Resistance picks up the story shortly after the ending of the first book in the series The Delphi Effect. Anna and the rest of the group have gone on the run from Graham Cregg, leader of the covert operation known as the Delphi Project. Anna has also picked up a new hitchhiker, someone close to her and her group and for now is keeping him a secret as they try to bring down those that were involved in the Delphi Project. The group is also searching out others that have been affected by the project like themselves to hopefully bring them together to help deal with the abilities.

This series is one that I would highly recommend starting at the beginning and not jumping in at this second book or the set up and action that have led to the events in this book would probably not make much sense to a new reader. It’s an extremely action packed adventure from start to finish with numerous paranormal elements along with some science fiction mixed into an intense thrill ride. I was completely hooked into the story from early on in the first book and that feeling perked right back up when sitting down with the second. This is also another that as soon as I was finished I longed to have the next book in my hands immediately and will be impatiently awaiting the next in the series.

Overall, I certainly would recommend this series to the young adult book fans out there as it’s full of lots of fun elements that are incorporated into a highly intense plot to keep one on the edge of their seat wondering what will come next.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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