Hope at Christmas by Nancy Naigle

Hope at ChristmasHope at Christmas by Nancy Naigle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After her divorce Sydney Ragsdale decided to move to the tiny town of Hopewell, NC hoping for a new start with her daughter and to get out from under the thumb of her ex-husband. Sydney’s ex is rich and always tempting their daughter with gifts and trips that she just can’t compete with so she is hoping the move will bring them close together before she loses her to her ex. The only asset that Sydney had in her name was an old house of her grandmother’s so she is determined to make it work for the two of them and make the fresh start they so desperately need.

After settling in Hopewell Sydney finds herself wandering into The Book Bea, a beautiful book store ran by Bea whom Sydney has fond memories of from her own childhood. Talking with Bea Sydney finds she could use some help in the shop through the holidays which is perfect to hold Sydney over until she begins her new job in the new year. Before long though Sydney finds herself falling in love with the small town shop and it’s charm.

Kevin MacAlea, Mac to his friends, is the local eligible bachelor in town, a high school history teacher and baseball coach and father of a twelve year old himself he’s quite the catch. However when Sydney meets Mac the last thing on her mind is starting a new relationship having not broken completely free from the old one but between working at The Book Bea and her daughter becoming friends with Mac’s son the two find themselves spending more and more time together.

Hope at Christmas by Nancy Naigle was a beautiful holiday romance read that was full of small town charm and real emotions from the characters. The setting of The Book Bea in the story sounded so much like such a magical place to a fan of books and reading such as myself with the owner having this lovely place for years with all kinds of small town charisma and events you’d only find in such a store. Bea and her shop certainly steal a big portion of the story and I just loved every minute there.

Sydney and Mac were also a nice couple to get to know as they got to know one another and come together with their common bond of being single parents. I couldn’t help but root for Sydney to overcome the things her ex had done and was continuing to do and hope that she tightened the bond with her daughter along the way too. With some action going on in the story, the small town holiday setting and lovely characters this was one that I’d definitely recommend checking out for those fans of romance stories.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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