Killer Choice by Tom Hunt

Killer ChoiceKiller Choice by Tom Hunt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Gary Foster and his wife Beth had been trying for years to become parents and have a baby and just when they didn’t think it would happen Beth became pregnant. Gary also has his career just where he wants it having just opened a business with his brother with things going well for them. One phone call however changes all of the good for Gary when he’s told his wife was brought into the hospital having suffered a seizure. After many tests it’s found Beth has a tumor and her outlook is not good at all.

After meeting with doctors to see if anything can be done for Beth it’s found that her only hope of surviving the tumor is an experimental treatment that will cost the couple 200k. Gary and Beth are devastated but decide to do whatever they can to raise the money to help save Beth’s life. When Gary is contacted by an unknown man that offers to pay the entire sum that the couple needs in exchange for killing a man he is immediately against the idea but as Gary struggles with the idea of losing Beth the offer looks better and better.

Killer Choice by Tom Hunt was an extremely fast paced thriller of a read that gave me more than I bargained for when picking this one up. I found the idea of just how far would you go to save the one that you love quite compelling but this book went beyond what I expect of it to in regards to that question at a very fast rate that kept me quite entertained throughout reading.

The story is mostly told from Gary’s point of view but there were some others involved in the telling as well. Gary is pretty much your average Joe and he and his wife are a pretty normal couple that are hit with some horrible news so I couldn’t help but feel for them. The action is non stop in the story and seemed pretty realistic for the most part although I did question a little detail here and there. Overall though I think readers should enjoy this one and would recommend checking it out.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via Edelweiss.

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