Hell’s Detective: A Mystery by Michael Logan

Hell's Detective: A MysteryHell’s Detective: A Mystery by Michael Logan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Kat Murphy is a resident of Lost Angelos, a city in Hell where sinners have been sent to live out their deaths over and over night after night. Ever since the night Kat shot her partner and then ended her own life with a bullet to her brain she has been stuck in this version of hell. During the day all of those that have arrived in the city live as much in sin as they did while on earth with anything from gambling to prostitution available to all. Lucky for Kat though those in the city still have a need for a private detective so she can continue on in her profession even in death.

When Kat is approached by the Chief Administrator of the city she isn’t too sure about accepting a job from a demon but the stakes are high when offered to take away her nightly punishment. All Kat has to do is track down a stolen box that seems to be pretty valuable to the administrator and she won’t have to live through the nightly torment that goes on for every citizen. However as Kat finds herself searching out the box she finds that the box and the city itself have more secrets than she ever bargained for.

The best way to describe Hell’s Detective by Michael Logan is somewhat of a raunchy fantasy/mystery read. This one is definitely not for those that do not like foul language or violence etc in their books but it was certainly a creative idea for a private investigator mystery read. The setting in here was done rather well giving enough details that it’s really brought to life in the book with some rather interesting ideas for this version of an afterlife.

Believe it or not for a citizen of hell Kat was a likable main character. I did find however that others in the book would just rather blend in with the action moving along and didn’t get to know anyone else as well. Another complaint for me though in this one was I had a bit of trouble getting excited over some of the action in the book because early on you learn that no one there can die so it lost a bit of intensity thinking oh well, they’ll just wake up again. In the end I’d probably give this one 3 stars as I think some things could be better but I did enjoy the creativity for the most part.

I received a copy of Hell’s Detective from the publisher.

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