Bad Sister by Sam Carrington

Bad SisterBad Sister by Sam Carrington
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Connie Summers is a psychologist whose latest case is hitting a bit close to home for her. Connie’s patient, Stephanie, has come to her scared for her life after being in witness protection and a name change she’s afraid that she’s been found. Connie can relate to Stephanie as both women have had to change their names and somewhat go into hiding. Stephanie is in fear that her brother has found her all these later after testifying to him setting a fire when he was only eight.

Previously Connie had given a recommendation to release a prisoner and that turned out to be the wrong decision on her part so when hounded she changed her name. When a mutilated body is found it becomes known that the corpse has one huge detail leading the police to Connie since her name was written on the body. What is Connie’s connection to the victim? Is she the next target for the killer or was someone killing in her honor?

Bad Sister by Sam Carrington is a psychological thriller that was much like reading a couple of stories at once and trying to piece those together to get the overall plot. The biggest part of the story is told by alternating between Connie and the detective investigating the case, Lindsay Wade. There are also glimpses into the past woven in at times along with an unknown voice telling their story on occasion.

For me with Bad Sister I don’t think the story is bad at all but I wasn’t exactly hooked into it very well either. I found myself never really connecting with Connie as the story went on which sort of brings the book down for me no matter how many twists and turns the author tosses into the mix. In the end I just found this one sort of OK and never became overly excited with the story that unfolded. Many will probably love this one as it’s one with many layers to it though so if a fan of this genre I’d say give it a try for yourself as it just wasn’t one for me.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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  1. I seem to have been reading quite a few books lately where the story is being told from multiple povs and timelines. Sometimes this works and other times I find it exhausting trying to keep up with the plot. I think it all depends on the author’s writing style. This sounds like a book I can feel comfortable skipping without feeling like I’m missing anything. Awesome review Carrie!😊

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    • Thanks! I honestly hate to use the word bored in a review but I just wasn’t pulled into this one at all. Like you said it may just be a case of writing style not meshing well for me. I actually have read the other out by this author too and came away with the same meh feeling and rated it a 3 so maybe that’s a sign to avoid the next, not that they were bad either just sort of forgettable.

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