Sleep Like a Baby (Aurora Teagarden #10) by Charlaine Harris

Sleep Like a Baby (Aurora Teagarden #10)Sleep Like a Baby by Charlaine Harris
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Aurora Teagarden and her husband Robin have finally welcomed their new baby Sophie into their family and have begun their adventure into parenting. Robin is up for a pretty important award for his latest book and has planned to leave town for a couple of days for the ceremony with Roe staying at home with little Sophie. However, right as Robin is packing up to leave Roe begins to feel a bit ill leaving the couple wondering if he should cancel or continue on the trip. Robin gets the idea that they should give the nanny a call that had helped them right after the birth and with her coming in a nights to help Roe along with her stepbrother Philip pitching in all should be well while he is away.

After Robin leaves Roe realizes that this is more than the common cold as she begins to feel worse and worse sleeping as much as she can while the nanny and her stepbrother help with Sophie. Roe awakens one night to find Sophie wailing away through the baby monitor next to Roe’s bed so she drags herself up to check on her daughter wondering where the nanny has gone. Once Sophie has been fed Roe begins to search for the missing nanny only to find a body in the backyard that is not the missing Virginia. Now the question for the police and Roe is just who is this mystery woman and just where had the nanny gone??

Sleep Like a Baby by Charlaine Harris is the tenth book in the Aurora Teagarden cozy mystery series. The series introduced readers to the character of Aurora “Roe” Teagarden who is a small town librarian in Lawrenceton, Georgia who had joined the Real Murders Club who met once a month to discuss the books they had read based on true crimes but then actual murders had begun happening bringing Roe into the middle of the investigation and since those days bad luck just seems to follow as Roe continues to find herself in sticky situations. Each book has a separate murder/s to solve and could possibly be read separately but the series also carries over a lot of characters around the town and in Roe’s private life through each read. This particular title also focuses on some things from the past so it would probably leave a new reader a bit out of the loop jumping in this late.

As a fan of this series I was excited to see the changes in Roe’s life just jumping from the pages in this book. The days of the single librarian have certainly changed from the earlier stories as now Roe is a mommy to her new baby daughter so much of the book had that mommy feel of being proud and protective of her little one. On the mystery side of the story the plot was another one that kept me wondering just how it would turn out and what possibly could have happened on that fateful night that left one woman missing and another murdered. There’s still plenty of action and excitement for the new mom all during the story as different events lead to the case finally being solved. In the end this is a great series with very likable characters that I quite enjoy and would definitely recommend to the fans of cozy mysteries.

I received an advance copy of Sleep Like a Baby from the publisher.

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