A Season of You (Cloud Bay #2) by Emma Douglas

A Season of You (Cloud Bay #2)A Season of You by Emma Douglas
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Will Fraser has believed in love at first sight ever since he first saw Mina Harper five years ago. Unfortunately for Will though Mina was happily married at that time so he put any thoughts of her out of his mind. Now however Mina is nursing a broken heart and the loss of her husband who was taken away too soon by a drunk driver. Seeing that Will owns a whiskey distillery he still doesn’t believe he would ever have a shot at winning Mina’s heart after her experience.

One night however Will is looking out and sees a light out in the storm wondering if someone has broken down on the road. Will notices that the light seems to fall as if whoever is holding it may have gone down so he rushes out to investigate and finds Mina laying on the ground having hit her head while trying to work on her broken down car. Taking care of Mina that night gives Will the opening he’d been hoping for and next you know the two are having a mistletoe inspired Christmas fling but Mina is sure that her heart won’t fall in love again and their romance is only temporary.

A Season of You by Emma Douglas is a holiday infused contemporary romance read and the second book of the Cloud Bay series. As with most romance series this book features different main characters than the first in the series and can be read as a standalone but I did notice the previous characters involved in the story so it may be better to read both in this case as there did seem to be some carry over, more so than normal anyway.

While I did enjoy the vast majority of Will and Mina’s story and love the idea of bringing a character out of a mourning period there were still a few things I may have changed myself. As always with a story of this nature it seems there has to be that bit of angst and I’m not always a fan in the way it’s done. Otherwise I did enjoy the book and would probably rate this one at 3.5 stars and would certainly read more by this author in the future.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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