The Last Move by Mary Burton

The Last MoveThe Last Move by Mary Burton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Theo Mazur moved to San Antonio from Chicago to be near his daughter when his ex-wife announced she was leaving. Being new to the force in San Antonio he gets all the shifts that no one else wants but that lands Theo on the scene of a homicide along the side of the highway. A woman had been gunned down and at the scene is a cell phone leaving a message for FBI agent Kate Hayden.

When Kate gets the call from the homicide detective in San Antonio she immediately thinks they have a copy cat killer on their hands since the scene is exactly like ones left by the serial killer nicknamed the Samaritan. The thing is the man Kate believes is responsible for the original five Samaritan killings is already behind bars but this new killing is remarkably similar. After arriving in San Antonio and digging into the case a second body is found that resembles yet another case Kate had been a part of and it becomes clear the killer is taunting her.

The Last Move by Mary Burton is a new standalone gripping romantic suspense read. The book has the same formula that I’ve come to know from this author bringing in a male and female character into the story to begin investigating some horrific crime that will keep readers on the edge of their seat. Along the way in the investigation the two main characters begin a relationship working so closely and facing the dangers together.

Having read several of Mary Burton’s books before I knew that this should be a book that I would enjoy and was not disappointed in the least. Both characters were great, the are both tough and thorough in their jobs but have human sides to them both that make them easy to root for. There’s the edge of danger all throughout and enough twists and action to always keep you guessing on just how the story will turn out. In the end I thought this was another great read and would definitely recommend checking it out to the fans of romantic suspense.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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