Deck the Halls by Donna Alward

Deck the Halls (Darling, VT)Deck the Halls by Donna Alward
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

George is a veteran that hasn’t had the easiest of times coming back home after his time being deployed. With some heavy burdens in his past George has spent a lot of time being homeless since his return and just within the past year with a helping hand has started to get his life together. Working steadily at the Ladybug Garden Center in Darling, VT and getting his own apartment George has finally found some friends and gotten his life on track.

Amy is the twin sister of George’s good friend that died in combat and when she shows up at his new job just weeks before Christmas George isn’t quite ready to face the past. Amy’s looking for closure for her family after the loss of her brother and only seeks out answers from George on just what happened. When the two confront the ghosts that haunt George they find themselves ruining their own friendship with the possibility of it becoming more now that the past is at rest.

Deck the Halls by Donna Alward is a contemporary romance novella that is part of the Darling, VT series. Each book in the series has featured a separate couple so they may be all read as standalones books if choosing to do so. I did notice that some of the previous characters are involved in the current book though so there would be updates on previous couple for those fans of the entire series.

This book really touched on the tough subject of veterans and just what happens to them when they return home and what is like to live with the horrors that they have seen while serving. I couldn’t help but feel for George as soon as I learned his story and just wanted to give the man a hug so of course I was hoping for a happily ever after for him. With George and Amy sharing a past it was easy to see that the two would be drawn to one another and Amy be the one to help George fight his demons and move on.

Overall, this was a lovely little heartwarming novella that felt realistic not featuring just the latest good looking couple but people with real problems in their lives.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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