Delia’s Crossing by V.C. Andrews


Delia's CrossingDelia’s Crossing by V.C. Andrews
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Fifteen year old Delia Yebarra lives in a small village in Mexico and had a bright future in front of her when she receives horrible news. Delia’s parents are taken away from her in the blink of an eye when they are involved in a car accident. Thinking she will be living with her grandmother after the accident Delia again has her world turned upside down when her grandmother says she is simply too old to care for her and has made arrangements to send Delia to America to live with an aunt she’s never met.

Arriving at her aunt’s home Delia knows very little English and very little about the family she’s been sent to live with. Delia’s aunt hasn’t had any contact with her family since marrying a rich American and leaving the small Mexican village behind her. Resenting her past and family Delia’s aunt isn’t too happy to have Delia in her care and refuses to even speak to her until she learns English and things only get worse for the Delia from there.

Delia’s Crossing by V.C. Andrews was first published back in 2008 but is now being republished. The story is typical of a V.C. Andrews novel with a young teenage girl living in a somewhat dysfunctional family situation. This one however featured the main character that is from Mexican descent and that was really what completely didn’t work for me in the book.

Delia is described as an extremely smart girl in the early pages as she learns of her parents death and when she is sent to America she speaks very little English, not speaking the language shouldn’t make the character any dumber especially when she starts picking up English at an incredible rate. However, with Delia she is sent into a horrible situation right off but then this smart girl puts herself into more situations instead of learning from the first… if that makes sense without being too spoilery.

In the end I just didn’t find this story believable as it just seemed to contradict itself in several places throughout. You have the normal teenage torment with horrible happenings to the character that you would expect but it just doesn’t all mesh well together in this one in my opinion.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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  1. I used to read all VC Andrews books but stopped as they became somewhat repetitive and I got older. Also after 1986 they were written by a ghost writer when she died and I think that might be when I stopped reading them.

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    • Yes, I used to buy them all waaaayyyy back when but the ghostwriter certainly wasn’t living up to her originals so I quit reading for a long time. But seeing them on Netgalley I’ve been giving them a try again probably for a bit of nostalgia feel since it’s been quite a while. The Mirror Sisters series was actually pretty good but the others are either ugh or just OK.

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