Leave The Night On (Cottonbloom, #4) by Laura Trentham


Leave The Night On (Cottonbloom, #4)Leave The Night On by Laura Trentham
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Sutton Mize was wanting to do something special for her fiancee before their upcoming wedding so after tossing around ideas she decides to take his Camaro in to be restored. After arriving at the shop ran by Wyatt Abbott Sutton has the unthinkable happen to an upcoming bride, a pair of underwear are found under the seat of the car. Sutton knows right away being that they are a specialty order from her own boutique who they belong to, her own best friend.

Wyatt agrees to give Sutton a ride home so that she can have some time to think about what to do with what she has found out. While confronting her fiancee Sutton finds herself hurt but not heartbroken to find out that he has been using her friend as much as he seems to be using her too. Ending the engagement Sutton also tries to save a bit of dignity by telling him she had her own affair with Wyatt. Now to only get Wyatt to agree to pretending to be in a relationship for awhile.

Leave the Night On is the fourth book in the Cottonbloom series by Laura Trentham. I didn’t realize this was even a series when I picked it up to read but thankfully as with most romance/contemporary series the book reads find as a standalone novel as each in the series feature a new couple.

While I’m not a huge fan of jumping into a new relationship right after ending a serious one this book did a good job at making that not seem quite as bad to me. Sutton obviously was in her previous relationship more because it was what was expected of her than actually being in love. With starting something up with Wyatt it’s also done as the pretense of fake which I actually kind of like stories like this as it gives the characters time to develop feelings while being together.

Overall, in the end with the story and characters and all that was involved I decided to give this one 3.5 stars and would look into reading more by this author in the future.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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    • I like to switch genres all the time to keep things feeling a bit fresher than reading the same genre over and over. The romance reads are much lighter and relaxing in between the fantasies or thrillers that I have to pay closer attention to….and not to mention usually they turn out happy whereas that’s not always the case in other genres. 🙂


      • Very true Carrie I get that. I used to do it earlier now somehow the family saga genre appeals more to me than true romance, in between intense thrillers

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      • Oh I would read those too…. I’m basically like a kid in a candy store when it comes to books, I want them all. LOL


  1. I have the whole series on my tablet and keep saying I am going to get to it. I agree, I mix it up. I will read a historical fiction, then a thriller/suspense, throw in a cozy mystery then a romance and of course I like to read children’s books and middle grades. Pretty much anything.

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    • I’m that way with a lot of books saying I need to get that read but then more ARCs come in and I need to keep on top of them. Too many books, too little time. LOL But yes, I like just about anything and with as much as I read if I stuck to one thing they all start seeming alike and then I don’t enjoy the story as much as when I switch around.

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