People of the Sun by Jason Parent

People of the SunPeople of the Sun by Jason Parent
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A couple of local men find what appears to be an alien craft that has landed in what was the day before a lake but is now completely dry as the desert. The craft is radiating so much heat that it doesn’t seem possible to get close to it. While waiting for the authorities to show up the men stumble up four alien creatures and things get a little intense when they can’t communicate.

Soon it’s found that the alien group has escaped their planet in an attempt to save their on species from extinction. They find that here on Earth water seems to revitalize their species but with this discovery comes even more abilities they didn’t know were possible. Not only is the situation between the humans and the aliens but the small group of marooned visitors find themselves questioning each other.

People of the Sun is a science fiction fantasy read by Jason Parent. I was quite curious as to what the book would hold having read a few horror stories from this author and found this to be a quite creative take on a crash landing on our planet.

The story had some nice world building to it that gave the story of where the visitors had come from and what it was like for them. There was also some nice development to the plot that gave depth to the story of what would it be like if this type of thing actually happened. As with our own human race not everyone is the same and the group of aliens had their own personalities which progressed the story forward and made for interesting reading. Lots of action and adventure and a nice read overall.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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