ICED: A Resort to Murder Mystery by Avery Daniels


ICED: A Resort to Murder MysteryICED: A Resort to Murder Mystery by Avery Daniels
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Julienne has been completely career minded and has established herself as the event planner for a prestigious resort. When the local celebrity pastor gets a little too hands on and Julienne can tell he’d been drinking she heads to call security but within minutes of her leaving the pastor is killed and with Julienne being the last to see him the police have her on their radar.

Julienne’s old high school rival is now a reporter and writes a story pointing at Julienne as the murderer the public is demanding she resign. With her overbearing father pushing her to leave her career and the police investigating her Julienne enlists the help of a new man in her life to follow the clues herself to try to find the real killer.

Iced is the first book in the a Resort to Murder Mystery series by Avery Daniels. While I found this one to be a perfectly acceptable cozy mystery I also found myself not quite loving every minute of it either. I enjoyed Julienne to a point but I also wanted to give her a bit of a push here and there to focus on the mystery instead of other things.

Perhaps it was the fact that part of the focus of the story is Julienne’s love life, her family pushing her to marry and give up her dreams and her running from a proposal. All the while that is going on she meets a new man and he becomes the one helping her rather quickly after a break up. I think for me if the author is including her ditching a relationship I would have preferred she didn’t turn to another man and solved the mystery on her own to make her a stronger character in my mind to fit her shying from the marriage.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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