Stepping out of Line (Wayback Texas) by Linda Carroll-Bradd

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Stepping out of Line (Wayback Texas)Stepping out of Line by Linda Carroll-Bradd
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Roxie Starr has moved back to Wayback, Texas two years ago to open up her styling salon after retiring from her life as a Vegas showgirl. Roxie would claim she had come back to Texas to help with her younger sister but the truth is her age was catching up with her and it was time to give up the dancing.

Dev Laredo is determined to finish one last rodeo but he has been fighting a bad injury. When Dev meets Roxie and she finds he’s injured she swears she has just the answer back at her salon and offers to help even though she normally steers clear of the cowboys.

Stepping Out of Line by Linda Carroll-Bradd is a fairly quick read at novella length so the romance in the book is also at a very quick pace. The entire relationship develops over the course of a week so I would warn those that like more of a built up pace to stay away from this one as it does move very very fast.

Roxie and Dev made a likable couple but I would say it took a bit of sexy out of the story with the pair coming together due to sharing injury stories. Still we all know being a cowboy would be a rough thing to do and Dev still was a sexy cowboy despite the sore muscles. Overall, 3.5 stars for this rugged fast paced romance.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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