Shag Lake by Susan McEachern


Shag LakeShag Lake by Susan McEachern
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Geri McKenna has been busy focusing on getting her career as a journalist off to a start working non-stop for a big company for the past two years where she has been stuck writing about fashion. When Geri travels back to Shag Lake for her brother’s wedding she never expected to have the latest big story happening right there at home.

Sean Eastman was Geri’s brother’s friend that Geri had a huge crush on during high school but he had mysteriously moved away and hadn’t stayed in contact. When Geri arrives home to find that Sean will be attending the wedding events she’s excited to see him again but never expected Sean to be saving her in the woods when she went to investigate the missing girl in the news.

Shag Lake by Susan McEachern was such a fun read mixing in a lot of different elements to bring this story together. Much like romantic suspense focuses on a relationship building during the story this one would be a romantic sci-fi/fantasy type of read. From aliens to bigfoot there’s a whole world hiding near Shag Lake that the author brought to life with a bit of mystery with a missing girl involved too.

I love when characters have an existing background to build on so a story doesn’t seem like a rushed insta-love type of connection. Sean and Geri had grown up together so them developing feelings in this story fit easily within the action of the rest of the story. Also found the creative sci-fi side of things quite fun as things are brought in and explained as the book went along. Just a lovely read overall and would love to see this world explored more if the author chose to do so.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

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