A Life Removed by Jason Parent

A Life RemovedA Life Removed by Jason Parent
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Detectives Bruce Marklin and Jocelyn Beaudette have been called in to catch a new killer that seems to hunt their victims at random. With no clues as to how or why the victims are being chosen or just how the killer is managing to complete the murders the detectives find themselves chasing down clues.

Officer Aaron Pimental has been in a bit of a personal spiral with his girlfriend pulling away and depressed with life. Aaron was at the scene of one of the killings and finds himself really losing faith in humanity but then finds himself right in the middle of the chase for justice from the ritualistic killings.

A Life Removed was a completely different type of story than I’ve experienced from Jason Parent before which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing but I found myself not as big of a fan of this one than ones I’d read earlier leaving me to rate the story at 3.5 stars. This book is more heavily a police procedural than the horror reads I’d experienced before from Mr. Parent. Once getting more into the killings and suspects I saw the tinges of horror but had wished there were more to it than I found. I would warn though that the story can be a bit graphic for those that would shy from that but not too terrible with serial killings involved. Overall, a good read but I wasn’t quite wowed with this one.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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