Sunshine After the Rain by Daisy James

Sunshine After the RainSunshine After the Rain by Daisy James
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Evie Johnson was in charge of the big showing at the art gallery she works at and wanted it to be a big success but when a last minute painting arrives it throws everyone into a tailspin to be ready in time for the opening. The new piece was absolutely beautiful and nothing like the artists other works so when the artist arrives and it appalled this piece is up at his show it becomes obvious a mistake had been made.

Evie knows the mistake was her fault and decides to head to the sun-drenched shores of Corfu while things are sorted out and await news if she will still have a job. Wanting to reconnect with her love of painting in a beautiful setting Evie plans to spend the days alone but when she arrives back at the villa and finds her boss’s son, Sam Bradbury, there she never expected an attraction between them.

Sunshine After the Rain did hold a couple of really wonderful things within it’s pages that I absolutely enjoyed so I will get to those first. One the setting in the story is one that makes for the perfect sunny summer read with the beautiful are in Corfu. With the artistic content I could sometimes see the area perfectly in my mind and was a bit jealous I wasn’t enjoying it myself. Also, I liked that Evie spent some time working out her own life and what she wanted out of it, the growth from the frantic workaholic was nice in the story.

For me though this book was really really slow paced when you think of romance reads. The entire first half was a build up of Evie and her life and Sam didn’t even make his first appearance for quite a while in the story. Also, it took even longer for Evie to consider Sam romantically at all so by the time this all happens it felt almost like a rushed insta-love case in the last quarter of the story when it could have had been built upon so much earlier and grown at a more steady pace so I was a tad disappointed in that part.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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