Deadspeak (Deadspeak Mysteries #1) by Ruth Bainbridge


Deadspeak (Deadspeak Mysteries #1)Deadspeak by Ruth Bainbridge
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Griff Lindon is one of those teenagers that while she’s only thirteen she thinks she’s going on thirty and refuses to listen to her parents. After attending a party at a friend’s house Griff takes off on her own into the woods to meet up with a friend before going home. This however will be the biggest mistake of Griff’s short life when someone attacks and murders her in the woods.

Kimberly Trent became a police detective after having tragedy strike her family at a young age when her thirteen year old sister was murdered. Getting the call when Griff’s body is found Kim is determined to catch the killer that so brutally murdered young Griff. But as Kim is investigating the case with her partner she begins to hear a voice that no one else seems to notice. Can the ghost of Griff actually be communicating with the detective?

Deadspeak is the first book of the Deadspeak Mysteries series by Ruth Bainbridge. While the story is a thriller read with the detectives investigating the murder of a young girl it’s also mixed with the supernatural aspect of having a ghost help with the case of her own murder.

I actually really enjoyed this story and thought Griff made an excellent addition to the story. She’s determined to help solve her case and can often verify when suspects are lying to the police. The story actually became full of twists that I wasn’t quite expecting while reading and really held my attention all throughout. Would definitely be interested in seeing where the author would take the story next after solving this case.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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