Falling for her Brother’s Best Friend (Tea for Two, #1) by Noelle Adams

Falling for her Brother's Best Friend (Tea for Two, #1)Falling for her Brother’s Best Friend by Noelle Adams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Emma announces to her friends that she is going to go on a man-fast, no men, no dating. Nothing for at least six months since she can’t seem to help falling for the jerks that end up breaking her heart. Emma decided she will focus on herself, her career, helping her friends open their new business and stay away from the heartache.

That is until Emma finds out that Noah is returning to town. Noah was always Emma’s crush growing up although he barely new she existed being the little sister of one of Noah’s friends. Now however Emma is all grown up and no longer the chubby little sister that Noah remembers so much so that as soon as he arrives he makes a pass at Emma not recognizing her.

Falling for Her Brother’s Best Friend is the first book in a new romance series, Tea for Two, by Noelle Adams. The main characters in the series were all brothers/sisters that had grown up together and become best friends but now the older brothers are finding there are more to their friends annoying younger sisters than they ever noticed in the past.

For the most part I enjoyed this lovely little romance read focused on a second chance at love. There were a few little details here and there I probably would have done a little differently myself by overall it was a feel good story and fun read. Noah was a bit swoon worthy with his love for his Nan and little sister in the story so that is always a plus having a family orientated lead. I’d definitely be interested in seeing the story continue with the other couples.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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