Fly Me High (Military Romance, #1) by Elen Free

Fly Me High (Military Romance, #1)Fly Me High by Elen Free
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

When getting ready for a night out with her longtime boyfriend Amelia gets the news that no girl wants to hear, that he’s ending the relationship. Amelia’s best friend doesn’t want to see her friend wallowing in misery so she forces her out to see some hot pilots hoping to cheer her up which is where Amelia meets Spencer and the two share a connection right from the start.

Unfortunately I didn’t find Fly Me High much to my liking so I definitely won’t be continuing on with the rest of this series. My first problem I found with this book was the review copy that I had been sent really really needed some major TLC from a good editor. The formatting was way off along with a lot of errors so it made reading a bit of a chore which isn’t good going into any book no matter how amazing it may be.

But if I take the story just by itself and rate solely on it’s efforts I still wasn’t overly impressed with this one which surprised me seeing other really good reviews. I suppose it’s all a matter of personal taste but with Amelia being college aged this just still seemed a tad childish to me. She breaks up with a three year love to turn around and immediately go to the insta-love stage with someone else. Perhaps it’s just the short read but a bit too rushed through and not much to connect with for my own personal romance tastes.

I received a free copy of this book from the author.

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