Two Sisters by Kerry Wilkinson


Two SistersTwo Sisters by Kerry Wilkinson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Megan is at school when she gets a visit from the police which she knows can’t be good. They have come to inform her that her parents have been involved in an automobile accident and did not survive. Megan is speechless and doesn’t know how to take the news having barely known her parents with always being sent off to schools, camps or anything to get her out of the way over the years.

Ten years before the family had been closer and were spending time at their cottage in the small town of Whitecliff when Megan’s brother Zach had disappeared. There was never a body found but it had been assumed that Zach had drowned. Now after her parents deaths Megan receives a postcard from Whitecliff that is signed with a simple Z. Needing to visit the house that she and her younger sister now own Megan gets her sister Chloe and they pack up for a visit to Whitecliff after all these years hoping to find some answers.

The first thing I would want to mention about Two Sisters is that Megan seems to suffer from an eating disorder. There wasn’t a mention of that in the official synopsis so if this would bother some readers I thought it should be brought to their attention. It became fairly obvious in the book when Megan showed a compulsion to checking calories in everything around her and continues throughout the book but isn’t really addressed.

Now with the mystery in this book I would have to say that part of that reveal I had actually guessed fairly early on in the read but this is because it reminded me of a television show I had watched. Even with guessing some things though I still enjoyed Megan’s investigating and found there were several twists and turns that added to my guess and made this an interesting read in the end.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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