One More Run (Roadhouse Chronicles Book 1) by Matthew S. Cox


One More Run (Roadhouse Chronicles Book 1)One More Run by Matthew S. Cox
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In August 2021 the unthinkable happens to the world, nuclear war. Fifty years later humanity is making a return but the aftermath of war is not the only problem to deal with, a virus was set loose turning part of the population left on the planet into mindless zombie like killers.

Kevin is a member as what is known as a roadhouse, he is a hired driver to make all sorts of deliveries between the scattered towns risking his life with each trip. Out one day Kevin comes across a woman in trouble and against his own judgement he decides to help. Taking on the strange woman just may be the end to Kevin and his dreams of owning his own roadhouse in this desolate world.

One More Run is the first book in the Roadhouse Chronicles by Matthew S. Cox. The story started off reminding me a bit of a Mad Max movie with Kevin’s heroic rescue, a bit of those the good guy against horrible odds is this really realistic moments for me and with the dystopian society Mad Max was my first thought. As the adventure begins though it takes on a feel of The Walking Dead as those affected by the plague are introduced. Several times it is said that they are not the undead but it certainly seemed like zombie attacks being described within the pages.

When mixing the things the story was reminding me of it seemed that I would end up loving the book but for me the thing that brought my rating down a bit is simply the length. I am one that for a book to be 500 pages or more it has to be simply amazing or I find myself dragging through eventually and with this I began questioning if some couldn’t have been cut out to make the story a bit tighter and hold my interest more. There is action but I started thinking it to be a bit repetitive in nature. Otherwise it’s not a bad start to a series and I’m sure others would absolutely love it.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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