Montana Home (The Love Letters Series) by Kathy Hendrickson


Montana Home (The Love Letters Series)Montana Home by Kathy Hendrickson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When Carrie Vernon received a letter from the man who had been courting her, Hank Anderson, asking her to meet him so that they can get married she decides to defy her father and go ahead with the marriage. Carrie knew that her powerful father had plans to use Carrie as a pawn in his plans and knowing he would never approve of Hank.

Hank may not have been as rich and powerful as Carrie’s father but he owned his own small ranch and was determined to make it prosper to earn his and his new wife’s way. After refusing to sell his ranch to Carrie’s father though cattle and horses go missing, fences are destroyed and Hank knows just who has to behind the damage.

Montana Home is a part of the Love Letters series and is a historical romance with a tad bit of a thriller edge added in with the ongoing struggles with Carrie’s father. This book is a novella length read so it goes fairly quickly but did an OK job bringing the story to life within the few pages of the book.

I did think however that it seemed to miss the mark by not giving any lead in to Hank and Carrie’s relationship such as what led to his note or how they were courting before jumping to the marriage. Again that is probably due to the short length of the book but it felt as being dropped into something already going on a bit. Otherwise, it was a nice little historical tale.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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