Protected (Diablo Lake, #2) by Lauren Dane


Protected (Diablo Lake, #2)Protected by Lauren Dane
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Protected is the second book in the Diablo Lake series by Lauren Dane. Each book in the series features a new main couple but the couple in the first book do make appearances and the story of the town is continuing. In the first book we learned that Diablo Lake, Tennessee is a small town inhabited by witches and werewolves among other things with ongoing turmoil among the packs.

Aimee Benton and Mac Pembry are on opposite sides of the pack war in Diable Lake but find themselves drawn to one another. Mac can’t help but to push Aimee’s buttons to get a rise out of her every chance he gets wanting to just be near her but when that turns into a heated kiss they find that even though on opposites sides they need one another.

Having read both books in this series I can say that while I really found the first quite fun I was hoping for a bit more when getting to the second in the series. The series is an erotic fantasy read and Lauren Dane is certainly good at her erotic side of books but what I found here was I just wanted more with the fantasy side.

Aimee and Mac were a good couple together and the chemistry does happen that you’d expect but the story of Diablo Lake seemed to stall a bit in my opinion. I wanted more of the magic and pack rivalry but this really seemed to just settle at a bunch of arguing and bickering without building a more complex plot than what was already known. Maybe as the series continues the town will grow with it though and if looking for a sexy read Lauren Dane certainly delivers that.

I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley.


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